Monday, February 9, 2015

AM: 2/9/15

Howdy, friends! Welcome to another Monday. Apparently, that damn groundhog saw his shadow last week so it'll be another six long weeks of winter here in the north east. Ugh. I still don't know why I live here- every winter I try to talk Matthew into moving to Walt Disney World. But no dice so far :-)

Regardless of the cold weather, I've still got goals I want to accomplish this year. First and foremost- make it to goal weight (135) and achieve lifetime status with Weight Watchers. Secondly, feel good wearing a bikini- like a real one, not a tankini- on our Disney Cruise in May. And obviously, run a bunch of races. So, that means continuing the hustle and grind: moving more, eating less junk, and making healthy choices 99% of the time.

Monday- 20 minutes on the recumbent bike, circuit weight training, 10 burpees
Tuesday- 30 minute treadmill run, 1:1 intervals, 13:19 pace
Wednesday- Runner's World Lolo Jones Core Workout
Thursday- Rest day due to pseudo gout flare-up
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- Rest day
Sunday- 10.19 miles! Seven miles with Matthew: 30/30 intervals, 12:25 pace. 5k with Jen: 30/30 intervals, 11:16 pace.

So this pseudo gout thing is cramping my style- literally. I got a new medication at my doctor's appointment on Friday so hopefully that will keep the incredibly painful flare-ups at bay. We still don't know for sure what's going on. I have an orthopedic appointment next week to address the bone degeneration/arthritis in the big toe joint and to have further tests to determine if it is actually gout or pseudo gout.

That being said, the days I was able to get a workout in were great. I felt really strong this week- I think the core work and the weight training is starting to make a difference. And I was elated to be able to get in 10 relatively pain-free miles yesterday. And run a super-fast (for me) 5k after doing seven miles! Big thanks to Matthew and Jen for running with me- and kudos to Matthew for placing 9th overall and 2nd in his age group!

My other, speedier half.

Me, Jen, and the cutest little cheerleader at the race!

For the fourth week in a row- basically, a miracle- Matthew and I have kept up with meal planning and cooking at home. Honestly, it's been helping us both stay on track so much. By planning out meals and making extra servings for lunches, it's so much easier for me to stick to my daily PPV target. I feel like I'm in control and that empowers me to keep making healthy choices. And we are loving all the recipes in the Weight Watcher's cookbook, "Easy Mains and Sides." This is the cookbook that's included in the WW "Starter Kit" that I bought right after the new year. Figured I'd get back to basics for 2015 and so far, so good :-)

Turkey and cous cous stuffed peppers... and toothpicks to keep them upright.

Veggie, Bean, & Feta Bake. Super yum.

142.0 as of 2/4/15
-.8 from last week
-48.4 since January 2013
-60 since HW

I am so close to 50 pounds lost, I can taste it! Here's hoping it happens sooner rather than later. On a non-scale victory note, I compared pictures from the race I ran on Sunday to pictures from the same race last year and noticed some real differences. It's funny because sometimes I can barely notice how my body has changed because I feel like the same person, you know? Because the changes have been so slow, it sometimes feels like I haven't changed at all.  I don't know if I'm making sense but I was happy to compare the pictures and see progress. And then I saw that my time for this year's race was only about 25 seconds off of last year's. Not too shabby for this injured runner!

2/8/14 and 2/8/15

What are your goals for 2015?


  1. Congrats on so many victories this week! Your side by side pictures are amazing, and are a great sign of all the progress that you've been making.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! The pictures really help me when I need a reminder of all the work I've put in- especially when it's not showing up on the scale! :-)

  2. Congrats! Been loving your transformation pictures :)

    1. Thanks! I like them too- they keep me motivated on days I feel like eating like crap :-)