About Sarah

Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

I'm Sarah.

 This is my boyfriend fiance husband (!), Matthew.

And this is our pup, Koda.

Together, we live and work in a small town in Pennsylvania a few hours from each of our hometowns. ***Update- Matthew and I got married in May 2016!*** While this blog mainly documents my running and weight-loss adventures, there's a healthy dose of everyday life included- mainly consisting of sweet things Matthew does for me, cute pictures of the pup, or occasional stories about our non-running activities which usually involve Disney.

I started running to lose weight in January of 2010. After meeting Matthew and watching him run a half marathon, I was inspired to run my very first 5k in June 2011. I have been hooked ever since. But, to really understand how crazy it is that I've become someone who races nearly every weekend, we need to start at the beginning.

Growing up, I avoided running or any form of physical activity. I just wasn't any good at team sports or anything athletic and was quickly discouraged from most things I tried. Partner this hatred of all things physical with food addiction and it's not hard to see why I have struggled with my weight nearly my entire adolescent and adult life. My story, unfortunately, is all too familiar. Lack of exercise, poor coping skills, and no boundaries with food led me to a self-imposed 20 year sentence of always sitting on the sidelines. 

Fast forward to May 2011. I had just met Matthew and he invited me to watch him compete in the ODDyssey Half Marathon in Philadelphia. By this point, I'd been running for a year and a half; mainly to try and lose weight with little success. It wasn't something I really enjoyed- more of a means to an end- not a lifestyle change. But sitting on the sidelines and watching the runners cross that finish line sparked something in me that I'd never felt before. I was truly inspired to do something that would require immense physical training and steadfast dedication. That very day, I signed up for my first 5k, the Bel Air Town Run. Since that race, I have become the person I never thought I wanted to be: A Runner.

In January 2013, despite running three times a week, I found my weight creeping up towards 200 pounds- a weight I hadn't seen since I was bar-hopping frequently in my early twenties. I decided to go back to what had worked for me in the past- Weight Watchers. After 27 months back on the program, I hit a major milestone: I lost 50 pounds! When I was overweight, many people were shocked to learn I was a runner- I am living proof that you can't outrun a bad diet. Weight Watchers helped me with my nutrition and my mental health immensely and I doubt I would have lost the weight without the program. In June 2015, I started working for the company as a receptionist. As of January 2016, I will have completed training and become a Weight Watchers leader.

Running has truly changed my life in the most astounding ways. The positive energy, constant encouragement, and unwavering support shown by the running community has kept me running for the last five years and helped me complete over 100 races. This blog is my way of giving back to this incredible community. Here you'll find race recaps, training updates, product reviews, experience with weight loss and weight maintenance and other stories from the road- the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is my sincere hope that something here will inspire you to do something amazing and impossible. 

So, grab a pair of running shoes and let's be sparkly and awesome together!