Running Injuries

In September 2014, I was diagnosed with a second metatarsal stress fracture in my right foot. Here you'll find all my posts related to injury, treatment, and recovery. You will also find posts where I wrote about my foot before the diagnosis- what the doctors thought, symptoms, x-rays, etc.

And the Verdict is... A Stress Fracture- diagnosis, first thoughts

AM: 9/22/2014- first weekend with crutches

AM: 9/29/2014- missing races, weight loss issues

AM: 10/6/2014- frustration, emotional eating

The Stress Fracture Diary: Part One- prevention, diagnosis, treatment

The Stress Fracture Diary: Part Two, Managing Emotions- dealing with feelings

AM: 10/21/2014- traveling, weight gain

AM: 10/27/2014- training, adding in biking

The Stress Fracture Diary: Do's and Don'ts of Interacting with Injured Athletes- self-explanatory :-)

AM: 11/3/2014- losing the boot, weight loss

AM: 11/11/2014- first post-injury 5k, non-food rewards

The Stress Fracture Diary: What I Didn't Expect- thoughts on unexpected gains/challenges with injury

AM: 11/16/2014- first week without crutches, foot and calf pain

AM: 11/24/2014- visit with PT, weight loss woes

The Stress Fracture Diary: A Return to Running?- knowing when and how to return to running

AM: 12/8/2014- first run in 80 days

Pre-diagnosis Warning Signs

Highs and Lows- foot pain, possible stress fracture

AM 9/8/2014- swelling in right foot

Do You Belive in Magic?- doctor appointments, shoes