Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Because I skipped Accountability Monday this week (I'm blaming winter storm Jonas!), here's a semi-wordless Wednesday check-in post:

2016 Blizzard: 32 inches of fluffy, white goodness and three full days indoors.

Matthew shovels; I selfie. 

New Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Starter Kit: Ready for new recipes.

Favorite snow day treat: Banana, 1 tablespoon PB2, 1 tablespoon chocolate chips-
bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes in aluminum foil pouch. Guiltless dessert!

New, uncluttered spaces in our home: Spent the entire blizzard weekend cleaning,
organizing, and re-decorating using the very popular KonMari Method.

Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend 2016: I registered for the half; Matthew is in for the full; we're both in for the 5k.

The scale: Not a jerk this week. 

My knee: Total jerk this week. Weird pain behind my left knee cap.
 Took a complete rest week and feels much better today.

Happy hump day, friends! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Race Recap & Review: Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

Waaaaay back in November, Matthew and I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, also known by the hashtag, #stripatnight. I had my eye on this race for a long time- but traveling to Vegas from the east coast isn't cheap and let's be honest, Vegas itself isn't cheap! But, Matthew and I decided that 2015 would be the year we'd run the strip at night. So we did!

A few years ago, Matthew surprised me with a trip to Vegas for my 28th birthday so we had visited this city before. During the last trip, we spent a lot of time sight-seeing and taking in the awesome entertainment and restaurants that Las Vegas is known for. We were both looking forward to visiting Vegas again and conquering the strip at night.

We flew to Vegas on Friday. The race was on Sunday evening (start time of 4:30 pm) and we wanted to enjoy ourselves a bit before we ran the half marathon. Once we landed and got to the hotel (we stayed at Bally's), we planned out our walking route to the expo- at the Las Vegas Convention Center. When we booked the hotel, we chose Bally's because it was right next to the finish line and only about three miles from the expo- close enough to walk. However, trying to walk anywhere on the Las Vegas strip is damn near impossible. You have to take all these bridges to get across the street and the bridges lead into the casinos and then you've got to take this round about way to get out on the street level again. It's frustrating and annoying.

So we caught a cab and spent another $20 to ride the 2.5 miles to the expo- we'd already shelled out $25 for a cab from the airport to Bally's. There's no convenient way to get around Vegas without renting a car.

We arrived at the expo and luckily, it wasn't very crowded. There was some very cool signage as we walked in to get our bibs, shirts and explore the vendors.

He is kind of a big deal :-)

Large sodas are necessary for expo-exploring.

We quickly got our bibs and race shirts. The cut of the shirt seemed pretty small, so I visited the shirt exchange table to swap my medium for a large. I absolutely LOVE it when races offer shirt exchange- women's cut shirts have no consistency across brands and I always feel like it's a crap shoot when trying to figure out what size I might be when registering for a race. But I digress...

After the expo, we did walk back to our hotel- we found a route that didn't involve the strip. We relaxed in our awesome, upgraded room and then headed out to find an inexpensive dinner. We ended up eating at this little dim sum place in between Bally's and Paris- there's this little underground tunnel/shopping mall thing that connects the two hotels and it's full of casual restaurants and shops. We ate there a lot during our trip.

Behind this spectacular bathroom (with two sinks, a separate toilet, and a bidet!) is a king-sized bed,
two over-sized chairs, and a huge TV. Not too shabby.

On Saturday, we explored Vegas a bit, going to the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor and then walking the strip- and maybe gambling a little bit :-) We also hung out in Paris' hot tub (Bally's pool was closed for the season so we were able to use the adjacent hotel's pool and hot tub) and went to see Penn and Teller's show that night. They were awesome, by the way.

Sunday morning we slept in and then had crepes for breakfast (there was a little crepe stand in the strip mall thing) :-) Then we headed back to the hot tub (with some mimosas!) and ended up relaxing there for most of the afternoon. There were a bunch of other runners in the hot tub too so we ended up just hanging out and talking shop for quite a while.

Around 1 pm, we headed back to our room to get ready for the race. We had about a two mile walk from our hotel to the race start. However, everyone we'd talked to told us to take the monorail down to the start because there wasn't a clear path to walk. So, after our pizza dinner in the food court of our hotel, we paid the $11 for two monorail tickets and walked out to the monorail station behind our hotel.

Holy. Crowds. It was mass chaos trying to get on the monorail. Each car that came was jam-packed and yet somehow, more people kept cramming into the car at our stop. Thirty minutes- and eight over-stuffed monorail cars later- we finally squeezed into one.

Crammed into the monorail.

It was miserable. I'm not claustrophobic, but this experience might have made me have a panic attack. Luckily, we only had to ride less than five minutes until the last stop, near the Mirage resort. Then we had to walk about ten minutes to the start.

As we got closer to the start, race officials started herding us towards a mass of people getting through a security "bag check." We had no bags but still had to suffer through a mass of thousands of people trying to get through three security lines. Super annoying.

We finally got through security and then headed towards the port-a-potties- which we had to exit the "secure area" to get to! So we waited in all that line for NOTHING! What a freaking cluster!

Added to this pre-race frustration was the weather. It was a little chilly (50-60's) but was incredibly windy. Lots of dust and dirt was getting kicked up off the ground and getting in our eyes- not the most fun experience.

We finally made our way to the corrals and waited for the race to start. They made several announcements about the weather- it was going to be very, very windy and possibly rainy. Race officials suggested that full marathoners drop down to the half (they run the same course until mile 11 or so) if the weather was hindering them.

Ready to run the strip!

Panoramic view of the starting line.

Dusk settled in quickly and by the time it was our turn to start, it was dark. The first few miles of this course are an out-and-back and take you south on the strip towards the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign and the airport. This part was super windy and dusty- the winds clocked in at 45 mph!

Selfie fails. Too much light :-(

Hello Las Vegas!

After we passed the sign heading north towards the strip, it started to rain. In the freaking desert! And now that the sun had gone down, the temperatures were dipping into the 40's. So, here we are, running the Las Vegas strip, in the cold and windy rain, watching lightening crack open the sky in the distance. Just awesome :-/

The actual miles on the strip were still pretty cool, despite the weather. It's wild to be running on the strip with absolutely no cars on the road. And there are lots and lots of people (mostly drunk) cheering for you on the sidelines. There's a TON to look at and there's loads of entertaining music to keep your mind occupied. This course runs all the way into "old Vegas" but new Vegas was my favorite part of this race.

Blurry, strip selfie.

Bonjour, Paris!

One of my favorite casino entrances.

After we passed Treasure Island, we headed towards old Vegas/Freemont Street. By this point in the race, around mile 5-6, my right foot started throbbing. As you might remember, this fall I had some wicked-still-unexplained foot pain and it reared its ugly head during this race. I took some tylenol and tried to distract myself from the pain by focusing on taking in the sights.

It was definitely much quieter in old Vegas. There were hardly any spectators (I think the weather discouraged folks from standing outside) and there seemed to be a lack on entertainment on this part of the course. Also, we had no idea what mile we were at because the wind was so bad all the mile markers had been knocked down!

The King.

At some point, we turned off the strip and were running in a very sketchy looking, dark neighborhood. Around mile 10 (I think?), there was this massive DJ booth and tons of race volunteers dancing around with lots of lights and disco balls and fog machines. This was a welcome oasis in the otherwise desolate part of this course.

Eventually, we turned back onto the strip and started making our way back to the finish. The wind REALLY picked up here and started to take a toll on us. At some points, it didn't even feel like we were moving forward because we were running straight into the wind. It was the kind of wind where your eyes were constantly watering and stinging so all you could do was look down at the ground.

Finally we saw the finish up ahead. My foot was throbbing, I was freezing, and all I wanted was to get a hot shower and eat some food. Matthew and I mustered up what strength we had left and powered through the vicious wind to the finish. We crossed at 2:39 and some change- the same finish time we had in Philly two weeks earlier.

Thankfully, race volunteers were giving out heat sheets so we were able to warm up quickly. The medal for this race was super cool- it glows in the dark and each of the numbers (13.1) spin like the icons of a slot machine. We grabbed our other free goodies (chocolate milk, pretzels, beer) and headed straight back to the room. I was so glad we booked at Bally's- the lobby of the hotel was literally the end of the finisher's chute.

Next up, showers and food!

Because of the late afternoon start time, we were showered, dressed, and ready to go out after the race by 8 pm. Matthew wasn't feeling well so instead of going out to eat, I went down to the strip mall thing connecting Bally's and Paris in search of food to bring back to our room. Fifteen minutes after I left the room, I started to feel sick to my stomach. So I bought food at the closest place I could find- two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ($25!), a ginger ale, and went back up to the room. We ate and then went straight to bed, both of us feeling crappy and beat up.

The next day, we spent the entire day flying home. It's a six hour flight and with the three hour time difference, we literally traveled all day. I definitely don't enjoy return flights from the west coast.

Will we do this race again? Nope. Several reasons: It's an expensive race. Las Vegas itself is incredibly expensive. Traveling to Las Vegas is time-consuming and costly. The pre-race area was chaotic and disorganized. Getting around Vegas is pricey and convoluted. The race itself wasn't THAT awesome that we'd need to do it again. This race was a one and done for us.

I'm glad we did it and I'm glad we have the memories, but we most definitely don't need to do it again :-)

Las Vegas- love it, hate it, or somewhere in between?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Accountability Monday: 1/18/16

Good morning, friends!

Let's get right into this week-

Monday- Women's Running Strength Circuit, 10 reps, 3 sets
Tuesday- 2.73 treadmill miles, 30 seconds at 4 mph/30 seconds at 7 mph, 10:59 pace
Friday- Women's Running Strength Circuit, 10 reps, 3 sets
Saturday- 30 minute walk on the treadmill, 1.79 miles. Planks and light weight lifting (arms) while watching TV.
Sunday- 4.05 miles with Jen, 11:04 pace

8.57 total miles.

In addition to the goals I shared in my new year's post, I really want to tone up my arms. Since the wedding is only FOUR months away, I've started working on my arms (one of the areas I'm self-conscious about) while I'm watching TV- bicep curls, overhead presses, tricep dips, etc. Below is the "before" flex picture :-) I'll post progress photos each week and maybe we'll see some actual, visible progress!

Food Find:
These week, Matthew and I ate out quite a bit (helloooooo busy spring semester with no time to cook!). One of my favorite meals at Olive Garden is the Citrus Chicken Sorrento. It's part of their "Lighter Italian Fare" menu and clocks in with these statistics:

550 calories
4 grams saturated fat
30 grams fiber
23 grams sugar
58 grams protein

It's a little high in sugar but overall, it's a great choice for me. I usually eat half of it and take the other half home.

So yummy.

149.8 as of 1/14/16
+2.4 from last week.

YIKES! I have no reason for this spike and even though it's incredibly disappointing, I'm still going to keep moving forward and keep working my plan.

Non-Scale Victory:
I finally got rid of all of my "before" clothes. A few weeks ago I bought a book about the KonMari method of tidying ("the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing") and no lie, it has rocked my world! This weekend, I donated 16 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to Goodwill. And then Matthew joined the purging and together we donated another 14 garbage bags of clothes, shoes, bed linens, towels, etc. There is still more to do, but I'm feeling awesome about our progress.

Donating all of my too-big clothes was exciting but also pretty scary. I don't have them to fall back on. If my current clothes get too tight (because I'm gaining weight), I'll either have to buy bigger sizes or lose the weight. I think I know what option I'll be choosing :-)

I still can't believe I had all this crap in our house!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Accountability Monday: January 11, 2016

Good morning, friends! It's the first Accountability Monday post of 2016 and I'm excited to keep sharing my progress (and sometimes, regression) here with you!

Totally random fact of the day- 38 days until Jen and I leave for Princess Half Marathon Weekend! Eek!

Thursday- Weight lifting circuit via Women's Running
Friday- 9 miles with Jen, 12:55 pace
Sunday- Treadmill 5k, 11:20 pace

12.1 total miles.

I lifted weights last Sunday and was so sore that I took Monday- Wednesday as rest days. LOL. Seriously, my muscle tone in my upper body is really low and it's been something I've wanted to work on for quite a while now.

Going back through my training journal (thanks, Steph!) from 2015, I noticed that through last winter, I was lifting weights and cross training on a MUCH more regular basis than I am now. I also started the Pittsburgh Marathon (5/3) in arguably the best shape (and weight, 140.2 pounds) of my life. And I remember how damn good it felt!

So what's missing now? Well, I think it's strength training. This plan I've found from Women's Running (linked above) seems really doable. I can do three circuits in less than 40 minutes and still feel like I got a challenging workout. I'm going to stick with this for the next few months and see if I get the results I'm looking for- lower body weight, toned muscles, feeling stronger/better, etc.

Food Find:
I LOVE spinach dip. Like, really, really love it. As we went through the holiday season, I played around with a recipe to make it more "healthy" and Weight Watcher plan-friendly so I could bring it with me to all our social events and family dinners. This way, I knew I'd have a guilt-free option to enjoy. Here's my healthier spinach dip recipe:

2 cups plain, non-fat Greek yogurt (I like Oikos)
1/2 cup light mayonnaise
1 pack of Knorr vegetable soup mix
1 can water chestnuts
10 oz. frozen chopped spinach

Cook the spinach according to package directions. I usually just microwave mine. Then squeeze all the excess water out of it and let it cool. Mix the Greek yogurt, the mayo, the vegetable soup mix and the chopped water chestnuts together. Add in the spinach and refrigerate for at least two hours before serving. That's it! Delicious spinach dip that's lower calorie and lower fat than the traditional version (usually made with sour cream and mayo).

I also use carrots and cucumbers to dip rather than bread or crackers :-)

147.4 as of 1/6/16

Non-Scale Victory:
Running in the public gym with just a sports bra on! It was so damn hot in our apartment gym last night so I took off my shirt and just ran in my Raspberry Zest Enell. There was only one other person in the gym besides me and Matthew, but that still counts as public in my book!

Happy Monday! Make it awesome!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Race Recap & Review: Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

On Saturday, October 31st- Halloween- Matthew and I ran the Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, also known as RnR Philly. We'd run this course once before in September 2012. It was actually my second half and my first non-Disney half marathon. We actually registered for the race before RnR had selected a date so we got a low price: $65. Traditionally, this half is the last weekend in September but this fall, it coincided with the Pope's visit. So they eventually moved the race to a Saturday in October which just so happened to be Halloween!

We took the day off on Friday because it takes about three hours for us to get to Philadelphia from where we live. We drove straight to the expo, held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. If you do this race, be prepared to pay $20ish bucks to park near the Convention Center. Whomp whomp.

Anyway, this expo, as with almost all RnR races, was large and full of cool vendors and products for runners. We walked around collecting our bibs, official t-shirts (they ran a smidge small), and free samples. Matthew won a cool shirt from the Brooks booth and I bought a new pair of Altra Olympus for $65!


After the expo, we headed back to a friend's house (who graciously hosted us for the weekend!) for a home cooked meal, some wine, and a good night's sleep. On Saturday morning, we had to drive about 15 minutes to the race start so we were up, dressed, and out the door by 6:00 am (race start 7:30). It was pretty chilly, around 39 degrees so I opted to wear a pair of shorts, knee-high compression socks, tech short-sleeved shirt, tech long-sleeved shirt, ear warmers, gloves, and a Sparkle Athletic skirt. I also wore a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants that I planned to throw away once I got warmed up.

Happy Halloween!

We easily found cheap (around $8) parking in a well-lit garage semi-close to the start line. Because it was freezing and we were hungry, we found the closest Wawa (my all-time favorite!) and grabbed some breakfast and some heat. Eventually, we knew we'd have to get to the starting line. So we headed back out into the cold to find a bathroom and get closer to the start line.

As we got near the start line (near the Philadelphia Museum of Art aka the Rocky steps), I started looking for our friends. We had hoped to meet up with Kathryn from Dancing to Running, Liz, and Cecilia- all people I've met on the internet :-) We just so happened to run into our run Disney friends Ian and his wife, Shari. We actually "met" Ian in 2013 when he hosted a virtual run to raise money for Autism Speaks, the charity he was racing the Goofy Challenge for in January 2014. Since then, we always seem to run into him at Disney among thousands and thousands of people!

Me, Ian, Shari, and Matthew. Or should I say Me, the King (?) of Hearts, Alice, and Matthew.

I'd been texting with Cecilia and we agreed to meet her in the corrals right before the start. We went off in the direction of bag check (which we didn't use) to find Kathryn who was running this race seven months pregnant! After chatting with her for a few minutes and catching up, we headed back to the corral as the race was getting ready to start.

Congrats to Kathryn (and hubby Preston) on the December birth of her healthy baby boy!

Finally, we walked over to the race start to meet Cecelia. As we were catching up and slowly moving forward (we were in corral 22 of 37), we ran into another friend from the internet, Liz! She blogs over at InTheLongRun. What a day for internet/running/blogging friends!

We look pretty good for it being so cold and early!

At long last, it was our turn to start the race. This race did an awesome job of playing upbeat songs to keep our energy level high- especially with the occasional Rocky theme song thrown in here and there. Since we'd done this course before, we knew what to expect: flat, beautiful course with a long, slow uphill at the end and little to no crowd support after mile five.

We used 30:30 intervals for this race and we hoped to finish somewhere in the vicinity of 2:45. Matthew, Cecilia and I agreed that since we all felt under-trained we were going to approach this race slow and steady.  The first few miles of the course all run through downtown Philadelphia and are very, very flat. The crowd support through this area is awesome though and it really makes for such a great experience. As we rounded one corner, we were serenaded by a man singing the Eagles fight song and then treated to this awesome spectator sign: "Witch betta have my medal!"

Cecilia and Matthew making their way through mile two.

RnR also treated us to some fun signs!

I finally warmed up enough to shed my outer layers around mile five, just before we make the long out and back stretch following Kelly Drive, Boathouse Row, and the Susquehanna River for the last eight miles. Up until this part of the race, we'd been keeping a nice steady pace and not really worrying about the time. But, during a quick potty break, Matthew told me that if we kept up the pace we were going, we were going to shatter Cecilia's current PR (2:42 and some change). We whispered this so we wouldn't jinx it :-)

After passing the Art Museum again around mile 5, we headed out on Kelly Drive. This section of the course is beautiful and the race organizers did a great job in having entertainment every mile or so during this stretch. It's pretty lonely as far as crowd support but there were local cheer squads and even a group of cyclists that were standing on the sidelines and cheering.

We kept our pace nice and steady- Matthew would just give me a sly thumbs up every once an a while to let me know we were ahead of pace. He had a 2:45 pace bracelet on (that he got at the expo from the pace team table) and was mentally calculating where we should be at each mile to be under 2:42.

By the time we hit mile 11, we let Cecilia in on our little secret- if we kept up this pace, we'd crush her PR. We ran under the "rock star's legs" (I remembered him from years ago and knew we were getting close) and tried to pick up the pace just a little.

Side note, there were not as many costumes as I expected. Because this race fell on Halloween, I expected that almost everyone would be dressed up. But, it's not a Disney race :-( I'd say probably one out of every ten runners was dressed up. The best costume I saw was a women dressed as Elliot from E.T. Super creative and well-implemented!

Mile 9 selfies!

There is no caption for this creepiness. 

Seriously, she ran in a full hooded sweatshirt with a bicycle basket, E.T. and  a box of Reese's Pieces for 13 miles!

The last few miles of this course brings back awful memories for me. From mile 11.5 to the finish, there is a slow-grade  uphill that just beats the hell out of you. When this race was in September, it was really hot and there is ZERO shade on this part of the course. You can see the Art Museum but it feels so far away. But this time, I knew it was coming. Matthew and I had prepared Cecilia for it so we just put our heads down and got to work.

The finish line... so close and yet, so far.

Finally, we sprinted up the last little hill to finish in front of the museum. Matthew stopped his watch. 2:39:23. Cecilia had a shiny, new, unexpected PR! I can't even describe the feeling I had at the finish. It is always amazing to cross the finish line with Matthew but this time the victory of the finish was 10 times sweeter. After my DNF a month prior in Akron- then coming in with Cecilia to her fastest half marathon EVER- and crossing the finish line with my future husband- it was just the coolest thing. I'm crying right now writing about it :-) There is just something magical about running and racing that makes all my emotions feel bigger and better than they ever have.

Sweet Halloween medal.

Finisher smiles are the best smiles.

After the race, Cecilia met up with her friends (one of whom is a friend of mine from college- small world!) and Matthew and I headed back to the car. Gin Blossoms was playing as we left the finisher area- they were the headliner for the event. It would have been cool to stay and listen to them but we had a long drive home. The race offered us free beer but we declined. We did accept the bananas, gatorade, pretzels, and chocolate milk though :-)

Will we do this race again? Sure! Matthew lived in Philly for 10 years so we're pretty familiar with great areas to park and how to get in and out of the city quickly- two important factors in deciding to do a large, urban race again. The course is flat, there is a lot of crowd/race support, and the atmosphere of this race is generally laid back and fun. And the course along Kelly Drive is just beautiful, no matter what time of year.

For 2016, this race has moved back to September. Currently, the price is $35 for the 5k on Saturday, 9/17 and $75 for the half on Sunday, 9/18. If you're looking for a big race on a flat course in a historical city, this may just be the one for you!

Close up of the medal and bib- I really liked the Halloween theme.

Have you ever run a Halloween race before? Did you/would you dress up?

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016: Goals, Resolutions, and BALANCE

Hello and Happy 2016!

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is my annual "new year's resolution" post. Actually, now that I think about it, I've never put my resolutions out into the universe before (in writing!) so I guess you could say this is the FIRST annual resolution post!

Anyway, I want to start by making a key distinction: I have resolutions and I have goals. While they are similar and connected, they are not the same. From the dictionary:

Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something.

Goal: Something you are trying to do or achieve.

So while my resolution might be: Become a stronger runner; my goal might be: Lift weights at least 5 times a month. See the difference?

I've thought a long time about what I want to get out of this year. I'm not a huge goal-setter. When it comes down to it, I think I fear that if I make goals and don't achieve them then somehow I've failed and I'm worthless. This happened for years and years and was one of the biggest obstacles I faced in losing weight.

But I don't want to come into this new year with no resolutions or goals. There are things I'd like to accomplish- both personally and professionally, both with running and overall fitness. When I have set a goal in the past (i.e. Dopey Challenge 2014), I know how incredibly rewarding it can be to actually achieve it. So with that, here's what I'd like to do, find, complete, experience and HOW I'm going to do, find, complete, and experience it in 2016!

Be a stronger runner.
- Lift weights at least once a week.
- Incorporate at least one "sprinting" interval run into my training each week.
- Sign up for a yoga class and attend.

Be a faster runner. 
- Find a training plan that will help me achieve a sub-30 minute 5k.
- Target a few races in the spring and/or fall to try and PR (currently 31:28).
- Schedule training runs with people that are faster than me.

Blog more frequently and consistently.
- Carve out time each week to blog.
- Start race recaps the week or the week after the race.
- Spend time writing about things that make me excited to write about them.

Maintain my weight between 140- 145.
- Continue attending WW meetings each week as a member.
- Track each and every day each and every thing I eat.
- Reach out for help from my support system when I need it.

Find work-life balance.
- Develop "no work email" boundaries (when home, with friends, etc.)
- Invest in hobbies outside of work and working out.
- Focus on efficiency at work so there aren't loose ends to work through at home or on the weekends.

Be less connected AND more connected.
- Establish social media "no zones"- both times and places.
- Be present with people when I am with them- no mindless phone scrolling.
- Turn off push notifications on my phone from social media.

Start "forever" with the most handsome dude in the world.
- Get married in May! :-)

In addition to these resolutions and goals, I want to center my 2016 around one word: BALANCE. In all things that I am spending energy on, I want to make sure that I keep balance in mind. I tend to get a little obsessive over things I'm excited about- and that slight obsession can keep me from getting other things finished or keep me from experiencing all parts of my life equally. If I let one part of my life (running, WW, work, blogging) become my entire life, then the other parts can suffer. For example, when all I do for my running is well, running, then I tend to suffer injuries. When I am balanced and incorporate other activities into my training, the results are so much better. This is true for all of my resolutions and goals listed above- 2016 is the year I will seek balance in all areas of my life.

What are you seeking in 2016? How will your goals help you get there?