Monday, March 9, 2015

AM: 3/9/15

Good morning, y'all!

It's been an interesting week on a number of levels but especially concerning the weather. Thursday brought eight inches of snow and ice but by Sunday, the sun was shining and temperatures reached almost 50 degrees! Finally!

We both enjoyed the sunshine!

Matthew left on Tuesday for a 12 day trip for work. It's just been me and the pup.... and a whole lot of emotional eating. I haven't lived by myself in over seven years and I forgot that loneliness is a huge trigger for me: when I'm lonely, I eat. This usually doesn't affect me but I guess since I knew Matthew would be out of town for so long, it made me a little sad. And the cure for sadness is food, right?!

Luckily, being able to recognize this habit is the first step in changing it. I had a few rough days but once I realized why I was feeling unsettled/lonely, it was easier to turn away from emotional eating and do something else. Taking a cue from Authentically Emmie and repeating "food will not fix this" over and over helps too.

Thankfully, Matthew will be home on Saturday. I can keep it together until then :-)

Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Rest day
Wednesday- 30 minute hill workout on the bike, strength training circuit
Thursday- 30 minutes, elliptical
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- Rest day: Volunteered at the Chambersburg Half Marathon
Sunday- 6.2 miles, 12:01 pace

6.2 total miles

Since deciding to back off on my weekly runs, my weekend run has become so much more enjoyable. Yesterday, I set out to run two to three miles. But I felt so good, that I just kept going for the full 10k distance. And I did it without music and by myself! I got so lost in the run and the beautiful weather that I was never bored or tired; it was easily one of the top five runs of my life. It was simply awesome.

Runner's high.

I seriously have been loving my new Weight Watcher's cookbook: Easy Mains and Sides. Each meal is less than 8 PPV and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. This week, I made beef stir-fry and potato salad- both were easy and really tasty. I also snuck in a dinner with my dad. He made these little chinese appetizers filled with shrimp and pork- so yummy. After the last few weeks of some less-than-stellar food choices, I felt much more in control this week. Meal planning and cooking at home really helps to give me the overall sense of control and confidence in my choices.

Beef and veggie stir fry, potato salad with shallots and whole grain mustard, goodness in a wonton wrapper.

143 as of 3/5/15
+2 from last week
-47.4 from January 2013
-59 from HW

And there it is- the gain I was expecting. It was just a few weeks late :-) As I've said many times before, gains happen. But the most important thing for me to do is not let this gain become another intentional gain. As long as I stay the course, I'll end up where I want to be- at goal weight.

What's the story behind one of your best training runs?


  1. I really liked the lesson (workshop? I don't know what to call it :)) at the meeting this past week about emotional eating. It was so useful. Not like I used it this weekend but I PLAN to later :)

    1. Girl, I straight up cried at the meeting this week! I desperately needed to hear the message and the support from my fellow WW's was amazing. PS- I don't know how you did it with MB gone for so long this fall. I would have lost my mind.

  2. Yes- effortless running makes me feel like I can run forever! Now, if that could only happen during a marathon... :-)