Monday, March 2, 2015

AM: 3/2/15

Welcome to March! Springtime weather is just around the corner!- Maybe :-)

Before we get to the regular check-in, here's a fun announcement from Enell! They've got a brand new, limited-edition color that just released this morning:

Because I'm an Enell Ambassador, they sent me one of these beauties last week and let me tell you, this color is simply gorgeous in person! This is the only multi-color Enell that has been made for mass production- the bra is a beautiful pink trimmed in tangerine orange. We had a snowstorm this weekend and I jumped (literally) at the chance to try it out. It shows up more pink in person, like the photo below. If you want this amazing new color in your collection, check out for local retailers or instructions on how to purchase one online. These are limited edition so once they're gone, they're gone!

Yes, it was FREEZING. But also kinda fun!

Ok, let's get down to business-

Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Rest day
Wednesday- 20 minute elliptical workout
Thursday- Rest day
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- Rest day
Sunday- 15 mile training run on the treadmill. 3:22:03 total time, 13:28 pace

15 total miles

It was another busy week at work- I was there late (like 11 pm late) four of the five work days and I was still trying to rest my toe. As I planned with my ortho, I am going to replace 1-2 runs a week with the elliptical and keep the long run for the weekend. However, this week it was really tough to even get in small workouts.

But, I am happy to report that I rocked those 15 miles on the treadmill with very little pain in my stress fracture foot or in my left big toe. My feet did really hurt for the first two miles- I don't know what that's about- but eventually it went away. Weird. I did have some struggles with my breathing, leg and hip pain, and just mentally getting through 3+ hours running again. But, I hope those issues will get better the more I get back into marathon training.

After last week's train wreck, I was determined to turn it around this week. Even though I had late nights at work, I still cooked and meal-prepped almost every night for the next day. Favorites this week include egg whites and ground turkey (4 PPV per serving) ; Zattaran's Jambalaya Rice and turkey kielbasa (12 PPV per serving the way I make it).

Breakfasts and lunches ready for the week. I spy a not-so-hidden Mickey!

Another win for this week was the discovery of Torani Sugar-Free Syrups. A few weeks ago, Torani reached out to me and offered to send some of their sugar-free syrups for review on my blog. I expected them to send a few small samples, however they sent three full-sized bottles: Vanilla, Caramel, and Raspberry. At first, I would just try each one in my coffee. Then I wondered, "what if I tried raspberry and vanilla TOGETHER in my coffee?!" This was life-changing, y'all. Then I discovered that I could put two pumps (equal to two tablespoons) of caramel into my Weight Watchers Chocolate Smoothie with some PB2 and I just about lost my mind. So delicious! I can't wait to find more ways to include these yummy, 0 PPV per serving syrups into my weekly routine.

Coffee and Sugar-Free Torani Syrups: a match made in heaven.

141 as of 2/25/15
-1.2 from last week
- 49.4 since January 2013
- 61 since HW

Weight loss is a funny thing. Last week, I had one of the toughest weeks I've had in a long time and somehow I lost 1.2 pounds. Other weeks I do everything right- eat well, earn activity points, get plenty of sleep- and I gain. It's a total mystery sometimes. However, I'm at the lowest weight I've ever been in my adult life. The last time I was in the 140 range, I was 13 years old. Insanity.

That was my week- how was yours? Any new food or products you're loving these days?

Disclaimer: Torani and Enell sent me products in exchange for a review on my blog; I did not receive any additional compensation.  As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Congrats on another successful week of weight loss, especially since you had several late nights at work.

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! It is so tough when you're exhausted! But I didn't want a repeat of last week when I felt really bad about the choices I'd been making. See you in a few weeks! :-)

  2. You are amazing with your weight loss Sarah. And that photo in your new sports bra with the snow is super cute. Way to get that 15 miler done on the treadmill. I ran 15 miles yesterday with a couple ladies from my group and I am not gonna lie, I was tired and it was not alot of fun!

    1. Ugh, there is something about 15 miles that does me in! 10 is perfect, 20 is great, but 15 is just a mental challenge! Good for you for getting it done! :-)

  3. Nice work, lady! I LOVE that new color ENELL too! Looking great!

  4. Congrats on your week! I hear ya on the crazy days/nights. Writing you back tonight :)