Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five Reasons to Love the BWC (Race Recap & Review)

In June I ran my last race as an Enell Ambassador: the Baltimore Women's Classic (BWC). This is the country's second oldest women's race and I was thrilled to run it again this year. Last year was my first experience with an all-female race and I absolutely loved it. Because much of my experience was the same as in 2014, I wanted to do a different kind of recap for this race but still highlight all the great things about BWC!

Five Reasons to Love the BWC

5. Pre-Race Vendors/Expo
Just like last year, there were a ton of vendors set up in the park before the race. Matthew and I actually helped out our friend Larry (from RUNtelligence) set-up his booth before the race. I also stopped by the Charm City Run booth and got a new Maryland flag Sweaty Band. Overall, I'm guessing there were at least 25 different vendors there. We especially loved the Dunkin Donuts booth :-)

Boxes and boxes of RUNtelligence shirts!

4. Challenging and Beautiful Course
The best way to see a place is by foot, and this race gives you a great view of downtown Baltimore. My favorite part of the course is when you round the final corner towards mile 3- you get an awesome skyline view of the city (you can see it in the picture at the top of this post). The course also contains some challenging elevation that makes you appreciate the downhill sections. 

Passing my favorite museum of all time, the American Visionary Art Museum.

3. Finish Line Swag
Roses, cold towels, fresh watermelon, and a medal?! Yes, please! This race knows how to spoil a runner!

2. Training and Support
One of the coolest things about this race is the free training program offered by the local running store, Charm City Run. In fact, there are eight week training programs offered at several of the store's locations. These programs include a coach and tons of support- for free! What a cool way to encourage women to get active and work towards a common goal.

1. Women's Only Race
But perhaps the biggest reason why I love this race is the fact that it's a women's only race. There is just something really special about the entire field being made up of only women. I think there's a different energy surrounding the race- it was really cool to be running along side thousands of women all racing towards the same finish line. 

All in all, the Baltimore Women's Classic is a fabulous, wonderful, fantastic race! If you find yourself in Baltimore in late June, you should definitely check out this event- and if you don't meet the criteria to enter the race, we can always use more guys in the cheering section :-)

Finished this year's race in 33:55.

Have you ever competed a women's or men's only race?

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