Monday, November 9, 2015

Accountability Monday: November 9, 2015

Good evening, my friends!

In just a few days, Matthew and I are headed out west to run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon and we are so excited! I've wanted to run this one for quite a while and there will be a whole bunch of fun west coast runners/bloggers there that I'm hoping we run in to. There will probably be tons of selfies and Elviselfies (?) on my instagram this weekend so make sure we're following each other!

Wednesday- 2.54 miles with Jen from All Four Love Blog, 11:50 pace
Sunday- 2.65 miles with Matthew, 11:19 pace
Monday- Kenpo workout (60 minutes), original P90X

Yup, that's right. Matthew and I are attempting the original, 2008 P90X workout series. My dad gave this to us a few weeks ago and tonight we did our first complete workout. I tried it on my own (a bit unsuccessfully) last week. I don't think we'll follow this plan to the letter (doing a workout each day) but I think we'll definitely use it a few times a week when we're not running. I would like to drop some weight before the wedding/honeymoon and this seems like a good way to shake things up!

Sweaty selfies in front of the Christmas tree.

Food Find:
This week at my Weight Watchers meeting, I picked up a new product, a graze snack box. This snack box is currently available as a snack subscription service online (so fancy!) and apparently at Weight Watchers locations. It came with four individual snacks. So far, I've only had the "Garden of England" consisting of dried apples, currants, and mini-strawberries. It was pretty tasty! And the points plus value is written on the box for each snack so there's nothing to figure out.

I don't know if I'd ever get the subscription service, but I think I'd definitely purchase this product on its own. I have the remaining snacks in my desk at work for a snack emergency :-)

Snacks for days. 

147 as of 11/5/15.
No change from last week.

Non-Scale Victory:
This weekend, I attended a turkey dinner at a local church and I didn't take any food that I didn't want. For example, I didn't have a roll, mashed potatoes, or corn simply because I don't care for them very much. Usually in a situation like this, I take a little bit of everything even if I don't particularly want it. I can't tell you why; it's just something that I have always done. But, to be able to not take ALL the food that is available to me is a HUGE victory. My willpower is growing much stronger :-)

That's all for now, friends! Have a great week!

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