Friday, December 11, 2015

Accountability Friday: December 11, 2015

Nothing like a little accountability to start off the weekend!

In short, my last week was pretty dang awesome. Weight Watchers revealed a new program (Beyond the Scale), I completed training in Dallas, TX to become a Weight Watchers Leader, and I lost 2.8 pounds- even while I was traveling, which is usually challenging for me.

So... about that new program....

I've actually been living with Smart Points and Beyond the Scale for about two months now (as Service Providers we got a sneak peek at the program) and I can honestly say that I think it's the best change Weight Watchers has made in a long time. I plan on writing about this a bit more in detail in the coming weeks but overall, even though I struggled at the beginning, I am super excited about this program and how it will benefit so many people.

Also, look for an upcoming post with all the fun stuff that happened at leader training this past weekend- in short, it was a transformative and developmental experience with some of the most inspirational women I've had the privilege to meet.

Future Weight Watcher Leaders: Rachel, Jennifer, Wendy, and me.

Saturday- 8 treadmill miles in Dallas, 12:08 pace
Sunday- Upper body weight circuit, planks, one mile run: 9:34 pace

Galloway's Princess Half Marathon training plan called for eight miles on Saturday and even though I had to get them done on the treadmill, I felt confident in getting another long run under my belt. And the next day, my legs felt so good that I decided to crank out a 9:34 mile!

But you'll notice that I've been a big-time slacker the rest of the week. On Sunday night, I ran up the opposite way on an escalator (long story) and I whacked the top of my right foot on one of the steps as it was coming down. Ouch. It's bruised and sore so I've been babying it all week. Luckily, there's only one mile on the training plan this weekend!

Proof of my fastest mile to date.

Food Find:
While in Dallas, a lot of our food was catered as part of the training. However, when we had dinner out on Sunday night, a bunch of us split a sweet potato cheesecake. And by split, I mean I'm pretty sure I ate half. It was completely worth the Smart Points though :-)

145.8 as of 12/9/15
-2.8 from last week.

Non-Scale Victory:
Yesterday, at one of the many work holiday parties, I successfully walked away from a tray full of cookies and didn't look back. Progress.

Happy Friday and Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!  Have a splendid weekend!

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