Monday, February 29, 2016

Accountability Monday: Leap Day Edition

Good morning, y'all! It's Leap Day- I hope you do something cool with your once-every-four-years extra day!

It's been a busy few weeks around the sparkly household. As you know, I ran the Glass Slipper Challenge last weekend with my friend Jen. We had the BEST time. We ran two fun races, got our New Balance Ariel shoes, and got to play in the parks all last Sunday. And, as you might know, Matthew flew down to Orlando late Saturday night to surprise me and cheer me on during the half Sunday morning. He's seriously the greatest thing that's ever happened to me :-)

Life is de bubbles, under the sea! 

He even wore his Princess 1/2 shirt from 2012 for support <3 

When we got back from Princess late last Monday night, it was go, go, go all week! Work is super busy for me right now and I'm currently leading TWO Weight Watchers meetings! Which is awesome, but also means that I'm working an extra two nights a week plus the 45-50 hours a week I put in at my full-time job. It's going to be pretty crazy around here for the next few months. 

Also, as you can see from the pictures above, I've still been struggling with back of knee pain. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment with my ortho last Tuesday and got the official diagnosis: popliteal tendonitis and a possible Baker's cyst. Basically, there's some inflammation within the knee and it's pushing out onto the back of the knee, causing pain. Everything else in the knee looks good- no meniscus or ACL/MCL tears. That was my biggest fear- especially with Shamrock, Pittsburgh, and our wedding and honeymoon right around the corner! The treatment plan? Two weeks of absolute rest (one week down, one week to go), daily ibuprofen, then a return to walking and running as long as I don't have any pain. It is already significantly better than it was in Disney last week just from resting it this week.

Did you catch that little fun fact in the last paragraph? We are headed back to run the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach for the third year in a row. Due to scheduling conflicts, we won't be able to run the Dolphin Challenge (8k on Saturday, Half Marathon on Sunday) but we are super excited to race at the beach again this year. AND- they're giving away FREE race photos for all participants- how cool is that?! Some of that "luck of the Irish" must have rubbed off on me because I just got the most perfect sports bra for this race- the new limited edition ENELL- Biscay Green!

How beautiful is all this swag from ENELL?!

As part of my ENELL Ambassadorship for this year, they just sent me my first package, including the newest limited-edition color ENELL sport- perfect for a St. Patrick's Day race! I also got a super cute racer back tank that says "I <3 ENELL" and the heart is actually an image of the front closure of their bras; so clever! They also sent a sweet pull-over jacket (WITH thumb-holes!), an ENELL tote bag and an ENELL measuring tape. I am so excited and proud to represent this company for another year. 

Enough about last week, here's something cool happening this week- I have my first bridal gown fitting TOMORROW! I seriously cannot believe that our wedding is less than three months away- and that we've got two more big race weekends until then. It's going to be a whirlwind spring, that's for sure. But really, would I want it any other way? Heck no! Life is bursting at the seams lately and I'm totally loving it :-) 

I can't wait to recap our Disney trip- stay tuned this week/weekend for the race recaps.

Have a wonderful, fantastic, fabulous Leap Day, friends! 


  1. How exciting that you're headed back to VA Beach to run Shamrock again. I loved running Shamrock last year and will definitely be trying to plan a return trip in the future.

  2. Eeeekkkkk wedding dress fitting!!! I'm so excited for all the fun to come!