Monday, February 1, 2016

Accountability Monday: 2/1/16

Good evening and welcome to February!

Seriously? January is already over?!

Ever heard that saying, "summer bodies are made in the winter?" Well, this is how I'm feeling these days:


To be fair, I did have some weird tendinitis-like pain behind my left knee for the last week and a half that has hindered my ability to workout/run.  I'm pretty sure it came from doing squats. Yup, by trying to strength train and avoid injury, I hurt myself doing squats. So freaking awesome.

Last weekend was supposed to be a long run for Princess but in order to totally rest my knee, I skipped it. I hate skipping long runs, but, if I've learned anything from my recent history of injury, it's to back off and rest at the very first sign of pain. Had I done that with my stress fracture, it might not have progressed to an actual fracture.

Anyway, that's how training has been going for the last week or so. Good news is- the knee is feeling much, much better and I even managed a run with Jen yesterday. We are planning on getting in our last long run in this weekend before the Glass Slipper Challenge. Only 19 days until we leave!

Three and a half sub-11 minute miles that felt like easy effort.

Food Find:
Let's skip this section this week. It's been a rough week, food-wise. During the blizzard, I didn't have any trouble sticking within my SmartPoints budget every day. This past week has been a struggle. There are just some weeks when it feels like I can just eat EVERYTHING. Literally, half of my daily points have been used on coffee creamer and chocolate. Winter eating is such a struggle for me. I crave high-point comfort food more often this time of year. However, with the wedding just a few months away (and the dress already purchased!), I've got to reel some of this wayward eating in if I want to love how I look and feel on our wedding day and honeymoon; which I absolutely do.

148.6 as of 1/27/16
+1 from last week.

Non-Scale Victory:
I led two Weight Watchers meetings last week and they went ok! And I just got the news that I'm going to be leading my very own meeting starting on February 15th! It's still hard to believe that I'm an actual Weight Watchers leader. Back when I first started Weight Watchers (2002), it was always a dream of mine to work for the company and now it's actually happening. Pretty cool :-)

Have a sparkly and awesome week, friends!


  1. I am struggling with food/hunger recently as well. I just want to eat ALL THE FOOD ALL THE TIME, and it's not even like I have the excuse of "high" mileage weeks. It didn't help that I facilitated at a leadership conference this weekend so I was eating pre-fixed meals for 4 days straight (including deep dish pizza and carbs on carbs on carbs). I've been trying to balance it with activity, but the weather doesn't always cooperate!

    1. Girl, I hear you! All I want is to eat soup, mac and cheese, pizza, pancakes, basically any and all things comfort! And that damn "college-kid" diet is miserable! :-)

  2. Glad your knee was much better after rest. Missing one long run during a training session when you have some pain is very important. So excited you are going to Disney for Princess weekend. You and Matthew will have such a great time, sad we will miss this year, but after the marathon injury last month I am still not back to running.

    1. Matthew is actually not joining us- it's going to be so weird without him! It will be a girl's weekend! I'm so sorry to hear about your injury- hang in there! Sending you healing vibes from PA :-)