Monday, October 17, 2016

Accountability Monday: 10/17/2016

Hello from Cape May, NJ!

Matthew and I are still on vacation for one more day so here's a short and sweet Accountability Monday post!

He's my favorite. Cape May, NJ is a distant second :-)

Monday- PT knee/strength workout
Sunday- 4 mile walk
Monday- 17 mile run, 13:28 pace

Today's 17 miles felt AWESOME. So much better than the first long run we did a month ago (13 miles). We kept the pace slow and steady, hovering between 13:30 and 13:45 for the first 13 miles and then picked up the pace for the last four: 13:12, 13:03, 12:53, 12:09. I am so proud of us and our progress this training cycle!

Celebrating 17 miles with post-run beer and pool/hot tub time!

Food Find AND Non-Scale Victory
Eating at restaurants has always been a challenge for me. I find that the desire to overeat is strongest when I'm out instead of eating at home. Last Thursday, Matthew and I went out to eat at Carrabbas and I was nervous about finding something within my point range to eat. Surprisingly, I found their six ounce sirloin to have nine Smart Points (looked up the nutritional information online) and I chose to have it with steamed zucchini, no butter. I did also have a glass of wine and a cup of soup bringing the whole meal to 16 Smart Points. I left the restaurant feeling confident and in control, instead of bloated and irritated with myself. I call that a huge win :-)

Sirloin and zucchini from Carrabbas.  

+.2 this week.

After a big loss last week, I'm totally ok with a little gain!

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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