Monday, October 24, 2016

Accountability Monday: 10/24/2016

Hello and top of the mornin' to ya! I am writing to you today from Dublin, Ireland!

We are in town so my super talented husband can present his research at the Ireland International Conference on Education- how cool is he?!

We arrived yesterday and already we've had two pints of Guinness, Irish soda bread, and have been asked lots of questions about the US presidential election by the local folks :-)


Not much happened this week in terms of training and working out. It was an incredibly stressful week at work because I work for an institution of higher education where all the faculty went on strike. Thankfully, the strike started last Wednesday and ended on Friday so it was short and a successful resolution was reached for all parties. However, it was still an anxiety-provoking time for myself and other colleagues.

In times of stress, especially stress I cannot control, it's easy for me to use eating as a way to distract myself from the real issues of feeling distress or feeling uncomfortable. I'm pretty proud of how I stayed on track this week with eating, but not so much working out. Between lots of stuff going on at work and getting ready for Ireland, I did not make running/working out a priority. But, Matthew and I are planning on running while we're in Dublin so that will help get marathon training back on track.

Consistent healthy eating these past few weeks has resulted in some payoff- I lost .6 this week (even with our trip to Cape May!!) bringing my total weight back down to where I was pre-wedding! Now, this trip to Ireland will probably result in a gain but hopefully it's something manageable :-)

Since not too much happened this week in terms of marathon training, here's a few random pictures of our trip so far!

The fall season here is gorgeous but it's FREEZING!

Our former-monastery-turned-hotel.

Being a tourist at Trinity College.

Soup and beer for lunch- I can get used to this.

The beer here is 1000% better than in the US.

Ok, I think that sums it up for now! Have a fabulous week! 

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  1. YUM! Best place in the world to drink Guinness :-) Enjoy!