Monday, November 7, 2016

Accountability Monday: 11/7/16

Good morning and happy Monday!

Let's dive right into last week:

Tuesday- 2.39 miles, 12:39 pace
Thursday- 3.01 miles, 10:29 pace
Saturday- 20 miles, 13:27 pace
Sunday- PT workout + strength training

Total- 25.4 miles!

Y'all- we ran TWENTY DAMN MILES this weekend! And kept up the pace we've averaged for the last few long runs; right around 13:30. And to be honest, the miles FLEW by on Saturday and we felt great- for the most part. For almost all of the run, my left foot was bothering me, kinda like my shoes were tied too tight and the front part of where my ankle meets my foot was hurting. So I readjusted my laces several times but it was still a little wonky. Sunday and today, I've had a couple of sharp pains on the top of my left foot (about an inch back from my toes) that are reminiscent of the stress fracture I had in 2014. I am hoping that I'm overreacting but have an appointment with the ortho for tomorrow morning just in case.

7 of the 20 were on this GORGEOUS trail.

Food Find:
KIND Bars + Power Crunch Bars = long run fuel magic. These bars are 7 Smart Points a piece and are great for my stomach on the long run. I ate a Power Crunch Bar at mile 8 and then ate half a KIND Bar at mile 17 this weekend. No stomach issues and they gave me the energy to finish strong.

Well-fed runners are happy runners.

Scale Victory:
Only gained 1.6 pounds in Ireland. I'm calling that a win :-)

Non-Scale Victory:
Since it rained on our wedding day, Matthew and I went back to our photographer for a "wedding attire" outdoor photo shoot last month. We absolutely LOVED the outcome! Why is this a non-scale victory? Because it's taken a long time for me to look at a picture of myself and not pick it apart with all the negative things I don't like about my body. It was refreshing to look at the proofs and just feel happy that our photographer captured our love beautifully instead of worrying about how "fat" I looked.

This is one of my favorites. 

Have a wonderful week, friends! And don't forget to do your civic duty tomorrow if you live in the USA: VOTE! :-) 

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  1. Just catching up on your blog...I love those powercrunch bars! I eat a vanilla bar every morning for breakfast. Maybe I'll try them for running too. I've never seen a pink bar that strawberry?