Monday, December 16, 2013

What I Can't Run Without Part II: "These are a few of my favorite things"

A few months ago, I wrote a post detailing all the things I couldn't run without. After logging over 400 miles of Dopey Challenge training, I've found some new favorite things.

Here's my updated "must-have" running list:

  • Hoka One One's- These shoes have changed my life! They are the opposite of a minimalist shoe: lots of cushioning and support. I've been running in the Bondi B's and the Stinson Tarmac's. The best part about these shoes is how they make my recovery from long runs amazingly short. While expensive ($160- 175 per pair), they are absolutely worth it.
    Also, they look like moon shoes. But they are the most comfortable running shoe I've found.
  • Under Armour Compression Shorts- These fit perfectly and have just enough compression to make my hip flexors feel secure. And they are super affordable at just $28 a pair.

  • 2XU Compression socks- Usually, I use these after a long run to aid in recovery. I'll also wear them on the plane or sometimes I'll sleep in them the night before or after a long run. They help tremendously with muscle soreness. Sometimes, I'll wear them on a cold run. They are pretty warm so I won't wear these if it's above 30 degrees. 

They're also incredibly fashionable :-)
  • Map My Run voice feedback- It's no secret that I love this app for tracking my runs and progress on my phone. What I have been using recently is the voice feedback feature. I can set it up for one minute intervals and she'll (it's a female voice) update me every minute with pace, total time, and total distance. It's a great help when I'm running with friends- I don't have to check my watch every minute to know when to run or walk. It's also great for keeping track of my pace mid-run so I know if I need to speed up or slow down.

  • Weight Watchers 3 point bars- When my long run is over 15 miles, I've found that I need more substantial food to stay energized, not just gels. These bars do just the trick. I buy them at any Weight Watcher's location- you don't need to be a member, anyone can purchase them.  My favorites are "Berry-licious Cashew Chew" and "Aloha Almond Bar."

  • Sparkle Athletic skirts- I may be addicted to these; I have six skirts and there are several more on my wish list. But, they come in amazing colors and make me feel pretty when I run. So there.
  • Raw Threads shirts- Made from bamboo, these shirts are super soft and super comfortable to run and workout in. And they have amazing designs- I'm a fan of their "Good Girls" and "Princess/Castle" collections.
This is from the "Villains" collection. It glows in the dark :-)

What are your favorite running-related things?

Happy running!


  1. My favorites include Sparkle skirts, Experia socks and I never run without my Ipod and Garmin watch!

    1. I am hoping to get a Garmin one of these days! And for solos runs I have to have the iPod :-)

  2. Sweaty bands are my favorite! They're the ONLY ones that don't slip. I also love MapMyRun and I use my Garmin watch as well. I just started using UnderArmour's coldgear for long runs in the winter. It is amazing! You are actually hot when indoors wearing it!

    1. Awesome! I'll have to check them out! And sweaty bands are the best! They have so many awesome designs- they are my one splurge at expos :-)

  3. Love RawThreads...I might have a small problem (must have 4 or 5). HA. Disney themed + I can run in them?? SOLD

  4. I am right along with you, Robin! Raw Threads are becoming an addiction! I just ordered "Snow" for the WDW Half. The expo should be fun...and expensive! :-)

  5. Can't live without my Garmin.. when I thought it stopped working, it was like a piece of me died. I was ready to buy a new one that day.. but then I read on a forum to try and reset it and it came back! Whew! Also.. Body Glide changed my life.. seriously.

    1. I have got to get a Garmin! It will be on my xmas list for sure. And yes, Body Glide is the most amazing product. I use it all the time, even when I'm not running. I'm a curvy girl and I sweat in the summer, lol.