Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Days Until We ShamROCK!

In just two days, Matthew and I will be headed down to Virginia Beach, VA to run with 28,000 of our closest friends during Shamrock Marathon Weekend. This weekend features kids races and an 8k on Saturday followed by a half and full marathon on Sunday. We've signed up for the Dolphin Challenge- the 8k followed by the half. There is also the Whale Challenge- the 8k and then the full. Maybe next year for that one :-)

Medals for the 8k, Half, and Dolphin Challenge

This is going to be a special race for a few reasons-

1. We get to run with some of our favorite running friends: Christine from We Run Disney, my former roommate and best friend Kelly, former co-workers Sarah, Ashley, and Laura, and some other Half Fanatics and Team #runDisney folks.

Kelly and me at her first half marathon- Frederick 2013

2. We get to visit with an awesome friend, Jamie! She and I have been friends for 10 years (wow, 10!) and it will be super fun to meet up close to her home.

Look! A non-running picture! :-)

3. If I successfully complete the half on Sunday, I will "moon up" to level Uranus in Half Fanatics. There are several ways to advance through the levels- by completing the race on Sunday, I will have done 8 half marathons in less than 365 days- enough to moon up.

I'm on Neptune now, but hopefully I'll be on Uranus by Sunday!

4. This is a brand new race for us and it's FLAT. Like pancake flat. And it finishes on the beach. And there's Yuengling and Irish Stew at the finish. Very cool.

And we get to pass this guy when on the way to the finish! Source

We are also very excited to get away for a few days. Friday will be all about the expo, which has some of my absolute favorite vendors attending. We'll run the 8k on Saturday and then have the whole day to explore Virginia Beach. On Sunday, we'll run the half marathon and then enjoy the Sham-rockin after-party on the beach. Sounds like a fabulous racecation to me!

I'll be updating twitter and instagram all weekend with pictures, results, and other fun stuff so make sure you're following along!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy running!


  1. This is one I'd like to do someday. Wrong side of the country, though. Is that statue as huge as it looks?

    1. Yes it is! It's really pretty cool. I've been to VA Beach a few times to vacation and this statue is a landmark on the boardwalk. I'll post some pics this weekend :-)