Monday, July 21, 2014

AM: 7/21/14

Happy Monday!

Well, some weeks don't end up the way we'd want them to. I gained 1.4 this week. I worked out, ate well, and ended up with nine weekly points that I didn't eat- which is rare for me. Usually, I eat all my 49 weeklies plus whatever APs I earn (about 25- 40 per week). 

There are some aspects of weight loss that we can't control. Sometimes for no apparent reason, the scale is a jerk; even when I try as hard as possible and it seems like I've done everything possible to have a week where I'll lose. 

It's crappy times like this that I remember what a wise woman, Suzi, once told me during a twitter #wwchat: "Don't let an unintentional gain lead to an intentional gain."  Basically, don't let this slip up lead to more of a back slide. So, with that phrase on repeat, I'll be continuing to count my points, eat healthy, and train like a beast for my upcoming races. 

Side note, if you'd like to experience one of the most supportive groups of people you've never met, please join our twitter #wwchat hosted by Dani every Wednesday at 8 pm. Just search #wwchat on twitter and you'll see us. You don't have to be a current Weight Watchers member to attend- anyone interested in talking weight loss and health is invited to join!

Monday- 30 minute run
Tuesday- 45 minute run
Wednesday- Rest day
Thursday- 45 minute run
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- 3.1 5k race, 2.75 tempo run with Matthew (he is a GREAT coach for my speed work!)
Sunday- Rest day

15.79 miles total

Since my Akron Marathon team is part of Team Panera, I've decided to try something new from the menu each week. This week, I ate the Chopped Chicken Cobb Salad and it was insanely delicious! I loved the avocado and the dressing on this salad. Also, I love that the way Panera's to-go boxes allow the sides and tops to be removed to create a square bowl! I also like that most of Panera's options are filling but not heavy- I can run after eating there and not feel weighed down.

Super yum.

163.4 pounds as of 7/16/14 weigh-in.
+1.4 from last week.
-27 since January 2013.
-38.6 since heaviest: 202 in 2005.

I'm looking forward to refocusing this week and hopefully seeing a loss next week!

QOTD: How do you come back from a less than stellar week?


  1. And don't forget! You fluctuate 1-3 pounds over the course of the day just with water and stuff. :-)

    It's not the number, it's the attitude! So proud of you!

    1. Thank you, Karrie!! :-) This will be a better week for sure!

  2. Good for you in not letting one small setback change your entire attitude and approach! We all face setbacks, but its how we handle them and move forward that defines us, not the setbacks themselves. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I've just got to keep moving forward :-)