Tuesday, June 2, 2015

AM: 6/2/15

Good evening, friends!

My apologies for this late Accountability Monday post- if you follow me on facebook then you know we had a leak under our washing machine on Sunday night that invaded my usual blogging time. Fun stuff!

It's times like that when I am thankful we are renters. All we had to do was just call our maintenance folks and they came out to fix it. We did have to move some furniture around and deal with wet carpet for a few days but all is ok now.

So let's dive into this last week! I'll be honest- it's been hard to get back into a routine of healthy eating and working out post-vacation and post-crazy life stuff. I know I'll feel better once my job situation is more secure but in the meantime, it's been a day by day struggle to stay on the healthy living path.

Tuesday- Rest day
Wednesday- Rest day
Thursday- Rest day
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- Rest day
Sunday- 30 minute run with Matthew
Monday- 30 minute run with Matthew

Yeah, I've been a major slacker with workouts. I've just had no energy or motivation. If you have some extra can you pass it along?!

Also, my MapMyRun app on my phone has not been able to pick up my GPS signal so I have no idea how far I've been running when I have been running. Not that it's totally bad- I'm ok just running by time for now.

Since all I have are 5ks between now and September, I am welcoming this opportunity to just run for the sake of running and not worry about mileage or pace. Yay for free running!

Could you imagine if there were TWO sparkly runners?! Also, I'm totally in love with this raspberry zest Enell sports bra.

So I found a new recipe for breakfast that is super simple and super yummy. Cut up two apples, cook them for about 10 minutes in a skillet and then add them to a cup (measure dry) of cooked quinoa with a few tablespoons of brown sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon and a 1/4 of milk. Done! It tastes a bit like apple cinnamon oatmeal and it's really easy to just reheat in the morning. And it keeps me full until lunch- which is pretty much all I look for in breakfast.

It may not look pretty but it tastes pretty good!

144.8 as of 5/27/15
+1.2 since last week
-45.6 since January 2013

Whomp whomp- I'm up again. In total, I've gained 4 pounds in the last three weeks. While I'm not happy with this, I'm not devastated either. Y'all know my life is just insane right now and while that's no excuse, it is a part of life. Sometimes life just happens. But, I feel like I've done better this week and hopefully I'll see a loss on the scale tomorrow at weigh-in.

So that's the week that was. Hopefully next week brings more workouts and less weight! :-)


  1. Sarah: How many servings does your apple breakfast dish make? And do you know how many points a serving is? It looks good--I never thought about having quinoa for breakfast.