Tuesday, June 23, 2015

AM: 6/23/15

Anybody else feel like you just looked around and it was the END OF JUNE?!? I can't believe we're almost through this month- it has flown by! At work we are right in the middle of New Student Orientation so we all have been working insanely long days enthusiastically talking to tons of students, parents, and families. I'm exhausted, ha!

Last week I committed to a few goals: get more sleep, stick to my daily PPV, workout at least four times. Well, I did average at least seven hours of sleep each night, stayed within my points all week (with about 40 to spare!), and worked out three times. I got a terrible sore throat Tuesday night that lasted until Thursday so I was only able to work out three times. But I did it. I won't say that it was fun or that my crappy lack of motivation streak is over, but I feel just a little bit more in control. 

Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Rest/sick day
Wednesday- Rest/sick day
Thursday- Rest/sick day
Friday- 30 minute walk
Saturday- 2.5 mile treadmill run, 30:30 intervals, 12:19 pace
Sunday- 30 minute yoga video from Psychetruth

As a fun side note, while I was trying to do yoga Sunday night, it started thundering outside and Koda was so terrified that he would not leave my side. Like, literally would not leave my side. Have you ever tried to workout with a pet nearby?! It's near impossible. :-) 

I call this pose, "Downward Koda"

In order to be successful, I know I have to plan my meals and actually cook things I like. Imagine that, right? But seriously, too often I will get fast food or go to a restaurant if I haven't properly planned lunch or dinner and end up spending too much money and too many Weight Watchers points. So last week, I went searching through my cookbooks and planned some meals that turned out pretty good. My favorite was the Honey Mustard & Dill Salmon from my Weight Watchers Easy Mains and Sides cookbook. 

We love paper plates in our house :-)

145.6 as of 6/17/15
-1.6 from last week
-44.8 since January 2013

My only comment- thank God we're on the way back down :-)

I know my posts have been spotty the past few weeks but I promise, I'm on my way back to a regular posting schedule. By the end of this week, I'll be sharing some fun recaps from our latest Disney cruise and I'll have another Galloway post- with some pretty interesting updates to the Galloway method! Have a great week!

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