Monday, September 26, 2016

Accountability Monday: September 26, 2016

Good morning, y'all! And happy Monday!

Thanks for bearing with my absence from this blog for the last two weeks. As you may know, I work for a university and because school just started back up, I've been insanely busy at work which leaves me little time to blog.

To be honest, I have felt very stressed the past few months; mainly because I feel like I'm constantly running, but not actually running, lol. Between leading two weekly Weight Watchers meetings, attending a WW meeting each week, working 40-50 hours a week at my full-time job, blogging, marathon training, and trying to lose these extra 7-10 pounds I've picked up, I have really felt absolutely zero sense of balance.

So, I made the tough decision to give up leading my Thursday night Weight Watcher meeting. It was hard to say goodbye to the members I've developed relationships with, but my health and sanity has to come first. Now with only one meeting a week to lead, I'll have more time to dedicate to Walt Disney World Marathon training and some much-needed downtime.

Speaking of training, there's only 15 weeks left until race day! Yikes!

Sunday- 13 miles, 2:50:41, 13:08 pace
Wednesday- PT knee workout
Friday- 2.59 miles, 30:04, 11:35 pace
Saturday- Runner's World Strength Anywhere workout
Sunday- 3 miles, 36:12, 12:01 pace, stretching, foam rolling, and some planks

Last Sunday was the beginning of the long runs this training cycle. We have 15 on the schedule for this upcoming weekend. *gulp!*

Side planks during the Ravens game; multitasking at its finest.

Food Find:
I have really been enjoying Al Fresco fully cooked chicken sausages- especially the ones with Italian seasonings and red and green pepper. I fry this in a pan with some onions, peppers and olive oil and then serve it over pasta with my homemade pasta sauce- made with crushed tomatoes, bay leaves, roasted garlic, and Italian seasonings.

For a quick, low-point meal, these are awesome! Have you ever tried chicken or turkey sausages before? What brands do you like?

The best part? These sausages are only 3 SP a piece!

+.4 this week
But, overall- I'm only one pound away from where I was before the wedding/honeymoon and I'm very happy with my progress this summer!

Non-Scale Victory:
Because of our schedules, Matthew and I have been eating out a bit more than usual. The other night, after a particularly long and stressful day, I chose to order a healthy option at a local restaurant, which is probably the opposite of what I wanted to order. This is a particularly hard challenge for me (eating at a restaurant) because I have a belief that eating out means I should "treat myself" and order the most fried, cheesy thing on the menu. It's still a struggle for me to remember why I go out to eat- to avoid cooking and cleaning, NOT to eat comfort foods. But I did it successfully this week. Sometimes, it really is about focusing on one meal at a time.

Chicken with kale pesto, roasted vegetables, and quinoa. Not wings and beer but it got the job done!

Have a great week!

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