Thursday, September 1, 2016

Introducing... Wonder Woman AKA Rock It Red!

And the new color is....


...or as I like to call it, WONDER WOMAN!

Hopefully you've just watched Authentically Emmie reveal the brand new, limited edition ENELL bra live on facebook! 

As an Enell Race Team Ambassador, I got my hands on this gorgeous bra a few days ago and decided to live record the unboxing so y'all could see my genuine surprise reaction- we were not told what the new bra looked like, only that one was coming our way. So, I put together this little youtube channel (I don't know if I'll use it again, it is super cringe-worthy watching yourself!) and filmed my reaction. Check it out below:

If you ever doubted my level of enthusiasm and love for the ENELL brand, this video - and the constant use of the term "holy freaking crap" - should convince you otherwise.

I can't wait to try her out this weekend on my long run. Follow me on instagram to see this beauty in action!

If you want a "Rock It Red" for yourself, head on over to and use the code "RockIt10" for 10% off and FREE shipping until 9/12!

Have a great weekend!