Monday, October 27, 2014

AM: 10/27/14

Good morning, friends!

Many apologies for the lack of posts last week- it was a crazy busy week at work that involved a lot of late nights and loooong days. And this weekend was a blur- event for work on Saturday and volunteering with the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday.

But I've got a lot of free time this week so expect some exciting recaps from Runner's World Half and Festival, Marine Corps Marathon, and a new "Stress Fracture Diary" post. I know you're excited :-)

SUCKED this week. I mean, really sucked.

I finally got the ok from the doc to start biking and swimming. So I biked. Once. On Wednesday.

But I did get a good five miles in. And there were no issues with my foot afterward so that's a good thing.

I'm putting this on the internet for all to see- I will workout at least FIVE times this upcoming week- no excuses.

More biking is in my future :-)

This was a wonky week. But I think I made some really good choices- I was able to get to the grocery store on Wednesday so I had healthy options on me at all times throughout my long days at work and traveling this weekend.

My bravo moment for the week was on Saturday. At work, I helped to organize a tailgating event for my department. This involved serving over 200 people with hot dogs and chips. I stared at that food for over three hours on Saturday and didn't eat a single thing! I brought yogurt, KIND bars, and fruit and chose to eat that instead of tailgate food. This is HUGE accomplishment for me :-)

SU Taigating Crew

MAJOR MILESTONE ALERT! I hit 40 pounds lost last week!

150.2 as of 10/22/14 weigh-in
-1.8 since last week
-40.2 since January 2013
-51.8 since HW (Highest Weight)


This milestone has motivated me even more to reach my ultimate goal weight. I know I can do it. :-) And I'm working hard to reach 50 pounds lost to get another charm to add to my Weight Watchers key chain. What can I say, I'm motivated by bling!

Have a great week! Go be awesome!


  1. It was so great to see you Sunday. Thanks for letting me hang out with you at bag drop. Congrats on your weight have done amazing! All that hard work will help with your recuperation and getting back to running.

    1. Thanks, Pam! I am so glad I found you! Congrats on another great race- I hope you loved it :-)

  2. Way to go, Sarah! Your weight loss is amazing given how limited you've been in terms of physical activity.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! It's really been a mental game- I've had to stay super disciplined with what I've been eating. I can't wait to start walking again :-)

  3. Wow. Tailgating is so hard. Amazing job!

    1. Tailgating is the WORST! Too many comfort foods!

  4. Props to you for not eating tailgate food after being around it for hours. I can't imagine how tough that was!

  5. Congratulations on your weight progress! I know it isn't easy to keep your eye on the ball with a world of temptation around you. Good luck on your goal!

  6. So impressed with your weightless despite your injury! Way to go!

    1. Thanks! I'm trying really hard to stay disciplined!