Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AM: 10/21/14

Hello and welcome to Accountability Monday- a day late!

There was no AM post last week because I was enjoying a much-needed vacation in Cape May, NJ with Matthew- it was wonderful. Today, I'm going to recap the last two weeks and catch you up on my weight-loss/training adventures.

10/6- 10/13: Hit my goal and did four workouts consisting of various leg lifts, upper body weight lifting, and some other weird, non-weight bearing exercises.
10/13- 10/20: Ummm. Yeah. About this week... I only managed to workout once. We were out-of-town for the Runner's World Half and Festival for three days and I was scootering around a lot- that counts for something, right?!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully (fingers crossed!) he'll approve me to start biking and swimming. I am anxious to do something other than leg lifts.

We've been on the road A LOT in the last two weeks so we've been eating out a lot. However, I have had a defined strategy for each of our trips to try and best plan out how I'd use my points. We also brought a ton of fruit, KIND bars, cereal, etc. with us so that I could at least control my breakfasts and have some healthy snacks if needed.

This doesn't mean that I didn't indulge while we were traveling- I totally did. In Cape May, we visited wineries, breweries, and several awesome restaurants. I ate what I wanted and made sure that it fit in with the points I allotted for that day/meal. I'm really proud of myself for keeping up with tracking and staying focused on my nutrition throughout this injury. Let's hope it continues for the last two weeks.

Also, we went to the Lima Bean Festival in Cape May (yes, it is a real thing) and had the BEST cauliflower and lima bean curry. It was truly unique and delicious. We also tried pumpkin soup with roasted lima beans- again, delish! Who knew you could do all that with lima beans?!

There's a whole lot of goodness happening in these photos. 

10/8 weigh-in: 151.4 (-1.2 from previous week)
10/15 weigh-in: 152.0 (+.6 from previous week)

So, I'm up a little this week but still down from where I was when I got my stress fracture diagnosis (153.8). Honestly, I would like to keep losing during these six non-weight bearing weeks, but if I stay the same, that's cool too. I've had to change some goals a little bit with this set-back but I'm still confident I can reach them; just maybe a little later than I had anticipated.

I'm still really proud of myself for not letting this injury throw me into a place where I'm just overeating and over-drinking and feeling sorry for myself. The old me would have just allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted and gain weight- I'd say, "I'll wait until I can walk again, then I'll start tracking and eating healthy." But not this time. This time, I'm focused on STAYING healthy and STAYING on the course rather than being so back-and-forth with habits and behaviors.

I also want to share a progress picture with you. The picture on the left is a few months before I started back on Weight Watchers and the picture on the right is this past weekend at the Runner's World Half and Festival. I'm taking a cue from my blogger friend Dani and using the terms "then" and "now" instead of before and after. I'm still a work in progress :-) What I notice the most about these pictures is the difference in how I'm standing. On the left, I look so uncomfortable and hunched over. On the right, I'm standing tall and looking confident and happy. And that's an awesome way to look and feel!

Have a fabulous week! Be sure to follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram this week- I'll be updating as I get news from my doctor.


  1. You are such an inspiration and amazing friend. I'm so proud of your accomplishments. Also you are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, lady! I so appreciate you as a friend- you are the most wonderful, supportive, all around awesome person I know :-) Hugs! xoxo

  2. This post made me all kinds of happy for you. You are totally rocking it with this injury! I'm glad you were able to identify past negative behaviors and modify them for the better. I would have hated that festival, lima beans are the one veggie I don't like haha

    1. Thanks! And I actually LOVE lima beans so it was pretty fun for me :-)

  3. So proud of you!! You're doing great! Fingers crossed for the doctor!!

    1. Thanks, Steff! I can't wait to see what progress my little bones are making!

  4. You are doing AWESOME and look amazing (you were beautiful 'then' too, but look much more happy and confident 'now')! Hope to meet you in person in a few weeks at Wine and Dine :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, I can't wait to meet you!!!! 2 weeks!!! :-)