Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AM: 11/11/14

Hello and welcome to Accountability Monday on a Tuesday! I was traveling home from Disney World yesterday and unable to post so we are a day late but we're making it work.

In short, Disney was awesome. I can't wait to blog about it this week!

As you know from last week's post, my boot came off seven days ago and I was finally cleared to walk again! It has been an interesting week for sure- lots of weird pain in both my feet and in my right calf especially. Six (almost seven) weeks of non-weight bearing activity can really throw you off. Luckily, everything seems to be working normally today. I still have some pain in my right foot but that is to be expected.

Let's get right into last week!

As we were in Disney, and as I had just started walking, I did not work out last week (except for the Jingle Jungle 5k). My legs and feet were so sore after the first few days of walking/regular activity- I didn't want to push it and try to do more. I will be returning to the bike and weight training this week.

However, my doctor did clear me to walk my first post-injury 5k on Saturday in Disney- the Jingle Jungle 5k through Animal Kingdom! It took a little over an hour and I desperately wanted to run, but I just kept walking until I got to the finish line. Matthew and our friend Jenn walked it with me- thank you guys so much for all your support! It felt great to be moving again :-)

This week was a tough one only because I was out of my routine- Disney for five days will do that to you! I made the best choices that I could, ate only until I was satisfied, and tracked it all. If I gain this week, I gain. No big deal. I'm already back to my normal routine and feeling good about my food choices today.

It was also the International Food & Wine Festival at Epcot so I was able to sample foods that I've never had or only have once a year. That's something that has helped be tremendously throughout my weight-loss journey- figuring out what foods are "worth" the high amount of points. There were some things that I ate this past week that were absolutely worth the points! We got to try food from around the world at Epcot and we had a fabulous brunch at Boma on Saturday with an awesome blogger friend, Matt from HokeyBlog. Brunch included French Toast Bread Pudding which was out of this world. Overall, I'm happy with the choices I made and feel like I did a good job of staying on track as much as possible. I also made the decision to include fruits and vegetables at every meal and drank as much water as I could.

The gang at Boma.

Yep, I'm -81 points this week. And I'm ok with that. 

146.8 as of 11/5/14 weigh-in
-1.4 since last week
-43.6 since January 2013
-55.2 since HW 

As a present to myself for making it through six weeks of non-weight bearing activity and losing SEVEN pounds in the process, I rewarded myself with a new Active Link 2.0 from Weight Watchers and a new pair of running/walking shoes. I am excited to start using the Active Link and I think it will really come in handy as I start my recovery and slowly add more activity to my routine.

QOTD: What do you reward yourself with when you reach a goal?


  1. Oh I love rewarding myself with new running gear. Great job on the weight loss while in a boot Sarah. That is amazing! So glad you got to enjoy the Jingle Jungle 5k, one of our favorite races ever!