Monday, November 24, 2014

AM: 11/24/14

Good morning and welcome to Thanksgiving Week!

If you follow me on social media then you know that Matthew and I were in Philadelphia all weekend as he raced the 8k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday. Matthew lived in Philadelphia when we were first dating so it was fun to be back in the city and visiting some our old haunts. And, Wawa coffee is truly the best thing on earth and I am depressed that the closest one to where we currently live is like 80 miles away. Sadness.

Tomorrow night, we will be traveling again- this time to visit both of our families over Thanksgiving weekend. All this travel makes it hard to stay committed to my fitness and nutrition goals but I'm just trying to plug away at them and take it one day at a time.

Here's last week in review-

Monday- 30 minutes on the bike, light weights
Tuesday- balance exercises (from the PT) and some light weights
Wednesday- rest day
Thursday- rest day
Friday- 2 mile walk on the treadmill, 1.81 miles, 16:34 pace
Saturday- 1 mile walk outside, 15:11 pace
Sunday- balance exercises, planks, push-ups, squats

I went to my PT on Wednesday to inquire about a plan to help me get back to running- I'll detail that in a post later this week. In short, he recommended that I do 3-4 balance sessions a week (basically balancing on one foot for a minute at a time, 10 minutes total) and start to incorporate other core-strengthening exercises into my routine. Hopefully, this will all be helpful as I start running again- when that will be is a little more of a mystery as it all depends on my level of foot pain.

I also finished the ActiveLink assessment period and will start the ActiveLink Challenge on Wednesday- my weigh-in day. The challenge will basically take where I am now and encourage me to earn more activity points each day. According to the assessment, I currently earn seven PPV a day. Which is insane because I NEVER would have thought that I was that active during the day. For the next few weeks, that number will increase as it encourages me to earn more than seven each day.

Honestly, I'm still a little skeptical that I am actually earning all these points. And I have a tendency to eat ALL of the points I earn which could end up hampering my weight loss in the long run if I'm eating more points that I have been since starting Weight Watchers in January 2013. But I am willing to try this out and not make any judgment calls until it's been a full month of using it.

Apparently, I'm pretty active.

I'm not going to lie, I have definitely NOT been as disciplined as I should be with regard to my nutrition habits these last two weeks. It is amazing that I lost seven pounds in six weeks when I was laid up but now that I've been walking for the last two weeks, I've lost .8 total.

I know that I must be more diligent about what I'm eating- even when traveling. I managed to lose every week while I was in the boot AND we traveled at least four of those six weeks. This upcoming week will be challenging as I won't be in "my" spaces because of the holiday. I've got to remain focused and stick to the plan that will get me to my goals- return to running, and 50 pounds down by January 1.

Matthew eating a ginormous piece of pizza in Phildelphia. We split it :-)

146 as of 11/19/14 weigh-in
-.4 from last week
-44.4 since January 2013
-56 since HW

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

QOTD: Do you find it hard to stick to fitness/nutrition goals during the holiday season?


  1. Wow, Sarah! You are almost there! 50 pounds! That is amazing!!! Don't be discouraged about your weight loss slowing down now that you are becoming active again. You are rebuilding muscle that was lost during the time that you could not bear weight. When my husband broke his leg, he lost about 20 pounds during the three months that he could not be active. You are getting stronger every day, and you will be back to running again very soon! I am thinking about doing Weight Watchers starting in January. Do you get a lot out of going to the meetings vs. doing it online? Do they give you bling for weight loss milestones? I'm trying to formulate a plan! :)

    1. I 100% credit meetings for my success. I would not have continued with the program without the weekly accountability and community I get from my meetings. They help me stay on track in a way that I cannot do on my own. And yes, they give out keychains and then different charms for milestones :-) I'll have to post pictures of what mine looks like. I'm working towards the 50 pound one!! I love Weight Watchers and think they are one of the best programs out there for sustainable healthy living. Please let me know if you join and if you like it!

  2. It's so tough sticking to good eating habits during the holidays, as so much delicious food is thrown at you (not literally), and you aren't always able to make the call as far as what's available to you. Have a great Thanksgiving, safe travels, and good luck with keeping up the great work. PS I really want a slice of that giant pizza!

    1. That pizza was AMAZING. Seriously. It's a good thing we don't live near there anymore! :-)

  3. That's some crazy piece of pizza! The eating right is so hard! It takes so much concentration! Nothing should take up that much brain power unless you're a bridge engineer or a rocket scientist. Good luck to you!

    1. Seriously! And thank you! Eating should be so simple :-)

  4. So impressed by your commitment Sarah. You will reach that goal by January. It has been so hard for you while wearing a boot, but you have made that work in your favor too. So glad that you are now walking AND wearing a medium size Flipbelt. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!