Monday, December 1, 2014

AM: 12/1/14

Ummm... how is it December already?! Only 31 days left in 2014- wow!

Ok, let's talk about holidays. They are wonderful. And, if you're anything like me, they can be a little stressful. Matthew and I spent the last five and a half days traveling between his family's and my family's homes creating lots of fun memories with our families. And I spent a lot of time eating foods I don't normally eat and struggling to gain activity points while out of my routine and my spaces.

But, reflecting on how I used to spend the Thanksgiving holiday- stuffing my face any chance I got- this year's plan was a definite improvement.

Monday- 2 mile walk, 15:15 pace
Tuesday- 30 minutes on recumbent bike
Wednesday- 30 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday- 5k walk with family, 18:21 pace; 20 minute walk after dinner
Friday- 5k walk, 14:42 pace
Saturday- 21 mile bike with Dad and Matthew
Sunday- Walked at all of the commercial breaks during Sunday afternoon football. I'm serious.

38.2 total miles.

Yeah, so this ActiveLink is a bit obsessive. Since having a goal to reach, I have been a bit of a maniac in making sure I reach my 100% each day- including walking around the house late at night to get the full seven points. Which is a good thing, I think.

Matthew, Me, Dad, and Adam (my brother) before we ventured out for 21 chilly miles.

In addition to Thanksgiving dinner with Matthew's family, I also had a bunch of leftovers at my mom's and then had another feast on Saturday at my dad's house. By some miracle, I'm starting this week only -3 PPV.

New this week, I tried chicken soup at Chic-fil-A (6 PPV), hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff (3 PPV), and my mom's famous sweet potato casserole (one million PPV).

146.2 as of 11/28/14 weigh-in.
+.2 from last week
-44.2 since January 2013
-55.8 since HW

So yeah, I gained. It happens. Also, I should mention that I weighed in the day after Thanksgiving at a meeting I found that was on the way from Matthew's family's house to my mom's house. My original plan was to go to a meeting Wednesday night near Matthew's family's home. However, that meeting was canceled due to snow- which we found out when we drove 23 miles in the storm to get to it. So I found another meeting on Friday and Matthew graciously agreed to stop there in the midst of our travel. He's the best :-)

Even though I gained, I'm still proud of myself for getting to a meeting and tracking everything I ate. Sometimes you have to focus on the little things you can control and remember that a temporary gain on the scale isn't failure; it's feedback. And I'm choosing to take this feedback, make some adjustments, and tackle the last 31 days of 2014 with a purpose.

A few weeks ago, I made some fitness goals that I'd like to accomplish before January 1, 2015:

  1. Weigh 139 or less.
  2. Start running again.
It doesn't look like number one is going to happen. In fact, in the whole month of November, I only lost two pounds. It's pretty unlikely that I'll lose seven pounds in the next month. So I'm revising that goal to weigh less than 145 by 1/1/15. 

For number two, I'm really hoping to start running this week! It has been almost 10 weeks since the stress fracture diagnosis and all the signs of healing are positive. Stay tuned here for updates!

QOTD: How will you spend the last few weeks of 2014?

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