Monday, August 10, 2015

Accountability Monday: 8/10/2015

Good morning and happy 10th of August! :-)

My week was filled with lots of workouts and lots of watermelon. Seriously, I think I've eaten at least three a week since June. That's probably why I can't seem to lose any weight! Ha!

Let's get right into last week's recap!

Monday- 30 minutes on the stationary bike, 7.13 miles
Tuesday- 3.57 miles, 47:51, 13:23 pace
Wednesday- Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30- week two workout
Thursday- 3.24 miles with Jen, 35:35, 10:59 pace
Friday- 1 mile on my mom's treadmill, 12:37
Saturday- 5.24 miles with Sara, 1:10:07, 13:23 pace

12.05 total miles

This was the first week in a while that I have run four times. And all four runs were vastly different. Tuesday's run was AWFUL. Terrible. Horrid. Thursday's run was great- Jen paces a bit quicker than me and it was a challenge to keep up with her! Maybe if we keep running together some of her speed will rub off on me!

Friday's mile was supposed to be outside. I was staying at my mom's house and about 10 pm, I wanted to get in a quick mile to reach my target of earning seven Activity Points for the day. I started running through her neighborhood and a big dog started barking and running towards me, stopping at the end of its yard. I got freaked out and called my stepdad to come pick me up. I think the dog had an electric fence holding it back, but I was still terrified that it would run through the fence and come after me. And of course, this was the one time I wasn't running with mace. So I went home and ended up running a mile on mom's treadmill instead. I was still pretty shaken up about my encounter with the dog though. Some of my blogger friends have had some nasty run-ins with dogs lately and it's made me a little more jumpy than usual. 

Saturday I got to run with an old friend from college. We had a great run and even better conversation! It is so wonderfully distracting to run with a friend- the miles just fly by :-)

Food find:
Last month while Matthew and I were in Cape May, NJ, we visited the Cape May Peanut Butter Company. After tasting some samples, we brought home some of the butterscotch and hazelnut peanut butter. Oh sweet Jesus, this peanut butter is divine! 

I have been trying to make the butterscotch last but it's so hard because it's so good! It is amazing with apples, crackers, marshmallow fluff, etc. I have no idea how much fat or how many calories it contains but what I can do is tell you how awesome it tastes. 

"Mom! What do you have up there?! Can I have some?!"

146.0 as of 8/5/15
-1 from last week

So that's how it goes, gain two pounds; lose one. At this point, I'm just hanging onto this roller coaster for dear life! I know if I just keep working out, eating well, and drinking water, I'll maintain.

Non-Scale Victory:
Yesterday was day 21 of reaching my goal of seven Activity Points per day! I started wearing an Active Link (like a fitbit but for Weight Watchers) in November and my previously-held longest streak of hitting goal every day was 10 days. I'd love to do it for a full 30 days and then compare how I feel, what I weigh, how my clothes are fitting, etc. to what it was before I was actively trying to reach goal every day.

Are you frightened by dogs you don't know when you're running? How do you stay safe?


  1. I've never had scary run ins with dogs - but I have had encounters with coyotes and black bears! It's pretty common where I live though, and as long as I turn around and walk slowly away, I've never had any issues! Hard to meet a time goal though when there's a bear in the way :).

    1. Oh my gosh! I'd probably pee my pants if I saw a bear or coyote on my run! That sounds so scary!!