Thursday, August 13, 2015

Race Recap & Review: Wildwoods Beach n' Boardwalk 5k

During our vacation in Cape May last month, Matthew and I ran the Wildwoods Beach n' Boardwalk 5k. We had been looking for a race to complete while we were on vacation and this one was just a few miles north from where we were staying.

Sunday morning, July 4th, we arrived at the Wildwoods Convention Center and paid the $15 required to park. We could have tried to find free parking, but it was just easier to park right at the start and not have to worry about searching for a parking spot.

We signed up for this race ahead of time online so the packet pick up process was fairly easy. It was an overcast and humid morning- not the best kind of weather for running.

Before the race, the organizers had us gather for a group photo. We had a moment of silence to honor all of our service men and women and then the race started. After a quick little jaunt on the boardwalk, we headed out onto the beach.

Photo credit: Wildwoods Wall

Now, this race was advertised as running on the boardwalk AND on the beach. However, almost 100% pf the course was on the packed sand on the beach. If you've ever run on sand before, then you know that it's not the easiest thing in the world. Couple that with some crazy headwind and you've got the recipe for a slower than usual pace. But Matthew and I plugged away at the miles, reaching the turn around point, and then heading back towards the finish line.

The looooooooong stretch out to the beach.

Windy and overcast.

I swear, there is an organized race happening here... not just random people on the beach!

Matthew and I crossed the finish line somewhere around 37 minutes. I don't know the official time and it hasn't been posted so we'll go with 37ish minutes. After the race, we hung around because they were giving out awards to the best dressed/most patriotic family, child, and adult. There were only a few adults dressed up so I figured I might have a shot at an award. But, it wasn't my day. The guy that won best dressed in the adult category wore an American flag shirt, a pair of American flag shorts, and a pair of American flag socks. I felt like at least my cape should have gotten me a few extra points ;-)

Sad day for Wonder Woman.

Overall, this was a fun start to our fourth of July holiday. Running on the beach during a race is a unique and challenging experience and you should definitely try it out the next time you visit the shore. And if you happen to be racing on July 4th, make sure to pack your patriotic wear. Even if you don't win the costume contest, it's still fun to dress up. :-)

Have you ever raced/ran on the beach before? Do you like running in the sand?

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