Monday, August 3, 2015

Accountability Monday: 8/3/2015

Good morning!

Big news this week- I bought a wedding dress! My mom and future mother-in-law spent the day with me on Saturday as I tried on dresses at a couple of stores. It was so much fun! Honestly, it was the best day. I tried on lots of gowns and didn't have a negative thought about my body ALL DAY! I truthfully stood in front of the mirror and just smiled. Typically, I immediately pick out all my flaws and focus on the negative- especially when looking at myself in a large three-sided mirror. But this weekend it didn't happen; I was happy with what I saw. It was the most amazing feeling. I ended up getting a dress that I adore and can't wait to wear it when Matthew and I get married :-)

I can't believe I'll be a bride!

Tuesday- 2.09 mile run with negative splits: 10:23, 10:02, 7:37 (last .09)
Thursday- 2.25 mile run with negative splits: 11:02, 10:32, 10:18 (last .25)
Friday- 30 minute walk
Saturday- 1 mile run: 10:47
Sunday- 40 minute walk

Each of my runs this week was completed using 45/30 second intervals. It is amazing to see how my average pace has improved by using this shortened interval. While using 1/1 or 2/1, I was averaging 11-12 minute miles. Now, almost all of my training runs have been between 10 and 10:45 minute miles.

Love seeing negative splits!

Food Find:
Surprise, surprise- it's Skinnytaste again this week! I baked her Insanely Good Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins and yup, they were insanely good :-)

Before and after.


147.0 as of 7/29/15
+2 from last week

This past week, I did everything "right:" I tracked everything I ate, earned at least seven Activity Points every day, I didn't use any of my extra 49 weekly PPV's. In theory, I should have lost weight. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way. That scale is a jerk, I tell ya! Luckily, it's just one piece of feedback- I am proud of how I did last week, no matter what the scale says.

Non-Scale Victory:
Instead of driving to the grocery store (just about a mile from my house) one night last week, I walked to the store, bought a watermelon, and walked home using the fruit as a barbell! I did bicep curls and overhead presses with the watermelon all the way home. Which did earn me a few car horn honks!

"I carried a watermelon!" Bonus points for you if you get the reference :-)

Have you ever "done everything right" but still didn't see results? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. What a great week, Sarah! Congrats on finding your wedding dress. You're going to make a beautiful bride! And I love the Dirty Dancing reference. :)

  2. I laughed when I saw your Instagram picture with the watermelon... and it just made me laugh again :) Love it!

    1. It made quite a few motorists laugh as well ;-)

  3. How exciting! Finding THE DRESS! :)

    I saw a lady at the grocery yesterday carrying just a watermelon. I busted out laughing when in my brain I thought "I carried the watermelon". LOL

    1. Dress shopping was a total BLAST! And I can't resist a watermelon ;-)

  4. I have a framed print in my bedroom that says, "I carried the watermelon" ~Baby. Absolutely love it! And cheers to you picking out a wedding dress and feeling beautiful all day--you deserve it XOXO

  5. So exciting that you found a wedding dress. Don't feel badly about the weight gain. You have done such a fantastic job with your weight and you look beautiful despite what your scale reports! Carrying the watermelon made me LOL!

    1. Thank you! I do feel pretty good despite the dang scale!

  6. I'm so happy you found a dress! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to celebrate with the whole crew!

  7. You are going to be the most gorgeous bride! I can't wait to see you in THE dress!

    I am week 2 of a new training plan (for the Buffalo Creek Half in October) and I have *finally* actually started using timed intervals and I am already seeing amazing results in my running. Last week I ran 5:2 intervals, but today I mixed it up a bit and did 2.5/30 sec/2.5/1.5. I think I'm going to try 90/30 the rest of the week as I think the shorter intervals are really making a difference! I'm seeing negative splits and not being completely dead at the end of a run! :-D (I use the Gymboss app for timing and it always makes me think of you)

    As for "doing everything right", I FEEL YA. First, I legitimately think my scale at home is broken (I've weighed hand weights on it and sometimes they register as less or more), so there's that issue. But I definitely struggle with eating well, getting my workouts in, and then being rewarded with...NOTHING. Or a gain. I try not to get frustrated because I know I'm getting stronger, but geez. :-/

    1. You ARE getting stronger! Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint :-) Proud of you and all your progress!