Friday, April 7, 2017

Five Things Friday: 4/7/17

Happy Friday, friends!

I haven't done one of these (or let's be real, even posted anything) in a while, so here's a little catch up on five things rocking my world this week!

1. Work continues to kick my ass. I work on a college campus in a career center and March/April are the absolute busiest times for us- lots of night and weekend hours. Just like the students I work with, I can't wait for finals week and graduation!

My goofball staff at an annual community event we manage that has upwards of 1000+ attendees!

2. I have a new favorite running shirt. 😉

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3. Stress + long hours at work + making crap decisions about what to eat =  weight gain for me. *sigh* I'm already getting back on track but the scale has not been kind to me the last few weeks. Let me put it to you this way, I'm wearing lots of dresses and leggings these days because they are the only thing that fits comfortably.

I feel ya, Regina George.

4. It might snow AGAIN in Pennsylvania this weekend. UGH....

5. Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend is only FOUR WEEKS AWAY!  Guess I better start half marathon training! On a serious note, we are super pumped to see all our friends and enjoy our favorite city for the fourth year in a row!

Love these people ❤

What's rocking your world this week?!

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