Monday, October 19, 2015

Accountability Monday: 10/19/15

Good evening, friends!

I hope your Monday was amazing and your week is off to a fabulous start.

I apologize for the late post- time just got away from me yesterday and I didn't get a chance to write. But, here's a late dose of accountability, from me to you :-)

Thursday- Stability Ball Workout
Saturday- 1 mile run, 11:35 pace
Sunday- 2.63 mile run, 11:28 pace
Monday- 3.28 mile run, 11:08 pace

6.91 total miles.

Since getting the "all-clear" from my orthopedic doctor last Wednesday, I have slowly been incorporating workouts and running back into my routine. So far, so good. My foot hasn't been hurting much and I've been taking it easy. Maybe my foot just needed a break!

Food Find:
This week, I made Skinnytaste's Buffalo Chicken Strips and her homemade Blue Cheese Dressing. Oh, it was amazing! While the dressing didn't taste exactly like actual blue cheese dressing, it was the perfect balance to the spiciness of the chicken strips. This one is definitely worth a try in your kitchen!

So delish.

146.6 as of 10/14/15
-.2 from last week

Non-Scale Victory:
On Saturday morning, I drove to Bethlehem, PA for the Runner's World 5k and 10k races. There were a few people that I knew I wanted to see while they were in town (Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders, Linzie from Sharp Endurance, and Kristin from BamaGirlRUNS) but I ended up running into Jenna (This Princess Runs for Sparkle), Hollie (Fueled by LOLZ), Roxanne, and David- all people I follow on instagram but hadn't met yet in real life. In a word, it was AWESOME! And probably somewhat awkward as I ran up to various people addressing them by their instagram handles :-)

Clockwise from left, Dani, Jenna, and Kristin. Such wonderful and inspirational ladies!

How is this a non-scale victory, you ask? Well, a few years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of walking up to "strangers" and introducing myself. I simply didn't have the confidence or self-esteem- I would have been too worried about what someone would have thought about me or what I looked like. On Saturday, I wasn't even thinking about what I looked like; I just wanted to meet some of my IG inspirations in person. And it was pretty cool.

That's it for this week! How was your week? What are you most looking forward to this Halloween? 

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  1. It's so much fun to meet IG friends in real life! Glad you connected with them all! Btw...your Buffalo Chicken Strips look amazing! I will have to try them. So glad your foot is feeling much better! Miss you, Sarah!