Monday, October 5, 2015

Accountability Monday: 10/5/15

Good morning, friends! It's been a few weeks- I am sorry that my writing has been a bit spaced out lately. I am publicly committing to posting at least once a week until Christmas. I tend to manage my weight and my workouts better when I am publicly sharing the results. So that's what I'm going to do from now until the craziness of the holidays!

Training: on hold for the time being. I had an MRI yesterday and should have the results in a few days. As you may know if you follow me on facebook or instagram, my right foot has been painful lately. It's been kinda like the stress fracture pain from last year but without any swelling, which I'm taking as a good sign.

Cute leggings and crappy medical procedures

The x-rays and physical exam did not indicate any sign of a stress fracture but as you know, you can't diagnose a stress fracture unless you have an MRI. So that's where we're at, waiting for results. I'll post on social media as soon as I know.

Food Find:
I have two for you this week! The first one is Classico Light Alfredo Sauce. It is a light, delicious sauce that you can pour right out of the jar. I have used it with shrimp and whole wheat cooked pasta (and a sprinkle of parsley and Parmesan cheese) and it is pretty dang awesome. And it's just 45 calories, three grams of fat, and one gram of protein for a quarter cup!

Heaven in a jar.

The second is using non-fat greek yogurt in place of mayo for chicken salad. I know lots of people do this but I finally tried it this week and it was pretty good. It was definitely different than mayo, but still tasty. I also add salt, pepper, and a little spicy brown mustard for a kick. I also like to eat it with veggie crisps (or baked chips or pretzels) instead of bread to save some calories.

148.8 as of 9/30
+3 from last week

Mother Nature is a jerk sometimes.

Non-Scale Victory:
I was at a work meeting last week for THREE HOURS, sitting in front of a Panera Cinnamon Crumb Cake the entire time, and did not eat a single piece. I stuck to my plan and only ate the food I brought. And I lived to tell the tale :-)

How was your week?


  1. Hope you feel better ASAP! Wonderful getting to meet you at the Great Race! :)

    1. Ditto, Elana! Be on the lookout for our selfie in the recap- I promise I'll post it soon :-)