Monday, January 5, 2015

AM: 1/5/15

Welcome to the first Monday of 2015! I hope your new year is already fabulous!

Today marks the end of our two week holiday vacation, however, we leave in just three days for Walt Disney World- more on that trip later this week :-) Matthew and I had a great time visiting with family and friends; we are so blessed with wonderful people to spend the holidays with. I hope your holiday season was everything you hoped it would be and more.

Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Runner's World Foam Roller Yoga
Wednesday- Rest day
Thursday- 3.1 mile race, 37:17, 12:02 pace, 1:1 intervals
Friday- Rest day
Saturday-  6.53 mile run, 1:21:05, 12:25 pace, 1:1 intervals
Sunday- Rest day

We got to run with my dad and brother this week and rounded out the last of Dad and Matthew's long runs together on Saturday. Also, it's worth noting that we played about a hundred rounds of some dance battle game on my sister's xbox on New Year's Eve, just like we did last year. I love that my family's NYE tradition has become something physically active- and super fun! And if you're wondering, yes, I dominated all the cheesy 90's dance moves.

I also had some weird heel pain in my left foot (not the stress fracture foot) from Tuesday- Saturday so the workouts were pretty light. It feels fine today and I'm hoping it was just a little plantar fasciitis flare up. Hopefully it stays away- my goal is an injury-free 2015!

At the Resolution Run on New Year's Day- first race of 2015 completed!

Ok, so you know the drill by now.  Being home for the holidays and out of my comfort zone means lots of family meals and foods I don't normally eat. But, I followed one simple rule, something that I set out to abide by at the beginning of the holiday season- "Eat until you're satisfied, not gut-busting full." One of the hardest habits for me to break has been not gorging myself during holiday/family meals. I used to eat until it hurt- literally. So this year, it was huge for me just to be able to push back from the table before it got uncomfortable. And I did and feel so much better about the food choices I made- no guilt or remorse or beating myself up. I felt in control this week, and that's a great feeling.

144.6 as of 12/30/15 weigh-in
+.2 from last week
-45.8 since January 2013
-57.4 from HW

After a big loss last week (1.2), I had a feeling some of that would catch back up to me. The past eight weeks have been a bit of a plateau/roller coaster so this gain wasn't too surprising. Frustrating, yes. But not unexpected. As I get closer to goal (135), it's going to be harder for me to lose weight. I have to remember that it took me years to gain the weight and that over those years, my body became very comfortable in the 170's/180's. It takes work to lose weight and it takes just as much- if not more- to keep it off. This time, I'm determined to get there, no matter how long it takes.

And that's how my first week of 2015 went. How was yours? Did you do anything fun for New Year's Eve? Share in the comments below!


  1. I started WW this week [again], and am trying to do more cross training. We stayed in and watched movies for new years :-)

    1. Bravo to you for re-joining! I first joined in 2002 :-) Happy New Year!

  2. I am starting Weight Watches today! I went to my first meeting on Saturday, and I planned meals for the week and went grocery shopping yesterday. I am going to mostly stick to the Simply Filling technique so I won't have to count points and the food is healthier. You were instrumental in my decision to to it with meetings rather than online. I think that having the support, accountability, and tangible goodies that they give as rewards will help me. Keep up the good work, and I'm so proud of you for running again! Have fun at WDW, and good luck to your dad! :)

    1. That is so awesome! Bravo to you, Lisa! I'm honored that my journey has helped you in yours. I hope you find the in-person meetings to be beneficial to you- I know that is what has helped me so, so much. Good luck with the program! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Starting WW today! Thanks to your blog and being able to see your continued success on this program when I decided it was time to "buckle down" (I've previously lost 55 pounds, and put about 20 back on in the past year) I chose WW over MyFitnessPall (which I've used for 5 years). I was so glad to see you could continue to lose weight on the program while distance running! I've struggled with losing while running but I'm optimistic that this will work!

    1. "It works if you work it so work it- you're worth it!" That's an AA saying but I love using it when talking about WW :-) Bravo to you for re-joining! And yes, you can lose weight while distance running- it's all about tracking honestly, not over-estimating your activity points, and choosing low PPV foods that will satisfy your "runger." Best of luck to you and please let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer!